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Dt. Monika Manchanda is the best and the most celebrated dietician in Delhi. She started a company called ‘Diet Mantra by Monika’ to establish a platform for providing expert nutritional care to people across different body types. She specializes in providing diet consultations for pregnant women, adults suffering from nutritional disorders and child nutrition and for her proficiency; she has been awarded as the best dietitian & nutritionist in Delhi.

She understands the importance of diet in the proper growth of a child and when it comes to children, it’s not always easy to make sure they eat healthy. A complete diet should contain appropriate amounts of fats, proteins and carbohydrates and should be rich in vitamins and minerals. Such diets are technically referred to as “balanced diets.” Balanced diets are perfect for an optimal growth which is why it is critical to follow a diet chart especially in the early years of a child’s growth.

Being the best child nutritionist and dietician in Delhi, she understands that food requirements vary depending upon the age of the child. She not only provides the best dietary and nutritional advices but also makes sure that her clients have her constant support. With her unique diet plans, she makes sure that young children establish correct eating habits which not only make them feel more energized on a daily basis but also allow for their sustained well-being. Her plans focuses on going natural and embracing small exercises to build a strong immune system alongside fulfilling the nutritional requirement of the children.

Her far-sighted plans help her focus on the wholesome health and ensure that kids don’t fall sick even after they leave her treatment. She cares about her clients and her warm and affectionate aura allows her to develop a close bond with the children, thereby making them feel open and comfortable in listening to her. She develops customized step by step diet plans according to every individual child making sure that they feel at ease while following her advices. She also makes sure that she adds some special snacks for the midday cravings so that the children don’t fall out of the diet in any case. Her constant motivation and understanding is what ensures that her clients are happy and this is also one of the reasons why she is considered the best child dietician and nutritionist in Delhi

She is passionate about helping her clients achieve a perfectly nourished body and true holistic wellness. She focuses on making the kids understand the needs of their own body thereby allowing them an equal part in the planning process. Her understanding of child psychology and her compassionate sense of friendliness allows her to recognize the reasons for the improper eating habits thus allowing her better insights into helping them. She also understands that the way to go big is to go slow and gentle; therefore, she comes up with minor lifestyle changes that allow her to achieve the nutritional targets without compromising with the ease of having a good and comfortable meal.

Her deep knowledge of nutritional imbalance and her expertise in dealing with the deficiencies has made her proficient in helping her clients. Her plans are filled with mind ful ideas, ingenious recipes and helpful suggestions and guidelines that help the parents to provide a balanced diet to their children without compromising with the taste. She personally makes sure that her clients have her as a constant source of motivation. Her professional understanding and her devotion to help her clients is what truly makes her the best child dietician and nutritionist in Delhi


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Written by Dietition Monika

The Diet Mantra by Monika is focused on providing expert nutritional advice to suit your body needs and empowering you in making lasting lifestyle changes. Monika is the best Dietition in Delhi.


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