Various uses of Massage Therapy Training and Body Massage Techniques

Know Treatment for Massages

It takes a lot of preparation, commitment and years of training and practice to learn to massage like a master. At NHI, our programs are beautifully designed to dramatically minimize learning time and help you learn how to study specific needs and learn how to give a body massage like an expert.

Based on the basic concepts of inner healing and holistic approach, courses at the National Holistic Institute prepare you to understand your customers ‘ specific body needs, how they will respond to different massage techniques and learn to massage using these techniques to help them recover quickly and relax completely.

Massage Therapy Gains

87 percent of individuals regard massage as beneficial for overall health and wellbeing, according to the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA). The demand for and benefits of massage therapy will continue to rise, as will the need for more skilled massage in Al Barsha. A client can find several different benefits including:

• Increased stress in muscles

• Further relaxation

• Decreased stress in muscles

• Wide freedom of movement

• Improved soft-tissue feature

• Reduced muscle rigidity and weakness

• Blood supply increased

Massage therapy can also help alleviate other conditions including:

Carpal tunnel syndrome-a painful disease of the hand and fingers caused by compression of a main nerve where it passes through a gap at the front of the wrist into the carpal bones. Repetitive motion can cause carpal tunnel syndrome.

Fibromyalgia-a chronic condition with generalized pain, weakness, and tenderness.

Lower back pain-caused by muscle or ligament damage in the back.

Migraines-a recurring throbbing headache, frequently accompanied by nausea and vision disturbance.

Osteoarthritis-cartilage degeneration and underlying bone degeneration. Osteoarthritis causes elbow, knee and thumb joints to suffer from discomfort and stiffness.

Sciatica-pain along the sciatic nerve that stretches from the lower back down the legs.

Tennis Elbow-Elbow tendon inflammation caused by overuse of forearm muscles.

Different methods of massage

Anatomy: The examination of body parts, particularly muscles and bones

Aromatherapy: The use of pure essential oils (from various plants) in a massage to enhance relaxation or to achieve certain benefits such as enhancing skin quality

Acupressure: Applying gentle pressure with the fingertips to different points on the body to improve safety or alleviate issues – these are the same points as those used in acupuncture

Deep Tissue: Research based on the various deep layers of body tissue, also applied to long-term problems

Energy massage: Body energy balancing techniques, based on scientific information about the body as an electro-magnetic field

Foot Reflexology: A soothing foot massage which is said to treat the whole body because the foot areas “represent” the conditions / areas of the whole body

Hot Stone Massage: Applying warm stones to the body either in a stationary position or together with oil as “gliding devices”

Kinesiology: Another term for anatomy, this is in depth researching the movement of the body and the different muscles

Lymphatic massage: Deep work of massage that flushes contaminants from the body

Pathology: Study of illnesses or bodily anomalies

Myofascial therapies: Myofascial therapies (my means muscle, fascia is a “padding” between skin and muscle, and around muscle bundles) provide specialized procedures designed to address issues in any major region of the body: the arms , shoulders, back, etc.

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