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Specifically, the Ngo supporting cancer patient works to bring hope and effectively help cancer patients. World Cancer Day is mainly celebrated on the 4th of February. 

Cancer is a health condition where there is the rapid and abnormal growth of the body cells. This affects almost the entire world every year. About 8.2 million cancer deaths are reported each year. 

More Information Regarding This

  • By the year 2030, the number of new cancer cases is predicted to increase by 21.7 million which involves 13 million cancer deaths every year. 

  • Globally, one in seven deaths occurs because of cancer. So, it is seen that cancer tends to cause more deaths when compared to Tuberculosis, AIDS, and Malaria.

  • Talking about India, Cancer is considered to be the second most common disease which is responsible for the maximum mortality. 

  • Cancer is mainly caused by both external factors such as an unhealthy diet, infectious organisms, and tobacco and internal factors such as inheriting damaged DNA, immune conditions, and hormones. 

So, these specific NGOs focuses on cancer control which involves awareness of the factors that cause cancer along with treatment, early detection, and prevention. 

  • Also, the fact is known that cancer treatment is very expensive and one who lacks awareness and resources cannot afford this. In those cases, there are many of the NGOs that effectively focuses on the eradication of cancer. 

  • These specific NGOs mainly work for cancer patients by creating awareness about cancer and fundraising. Not only that, but they are also involved in presenting people with seminars via print media such as Pamphlets, News bulletins, Banners, Posters, conduction of the Detection Camps, organizing Rallies, Road Shows and lot more. 

  • So, you should look for such NGOs who spread awareness about Cancer. Not only that, but they also initiate steps for early detection and provide patients with medical, financial, and counseling help. 

Final Words

So, if you are looking for the best Ngo helping cancer patients in India, then, Cancer Aid Research Foundation is considered to be the perfect option to choose from. 


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