Avana 100 Is the Best Option to Enjoy Your Sexual Life

What is avanafil?

Avana 100 is an oral medicine used in male patients with a specific determination of the erectile deficit. Before the physical activity, the drug is taken on-demand, with its action giving significant improvement for the period that lasts between 4 and 5 hours

Avana has avanafil citrate as its primary active ingredient. Avanafil, which has been on the market for a few years (having been established for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in 2012), is very fast in the action that occurs within 15-30 minutes of using it and has a duration 4-5 hours and possibly some side effects.

Mechanism of action

Avana active component, avanafil, is as powerful as other medicines in its family of PDE5 inhibitors, but it is better allowed even at higher dosages. This is confirmed by a study conducted by Italian researchers on about 2 thousand patients.

The analysis, managed on the data of about 2 thousand cases enrolled in five several randomized and handled clinical trials, shows that thanks to the unique pharmacological profile, this molecule has more superior tolerability than the well-known first-generation medicines of the same class.

This feature can help avoid the public abandonment of treatment among men with erectile dysfunction: up to 60-70% of cases stop using the medicines within a year of the first prescription.

Avanafil, the pill's active component, can help men with erectile dysfunction to live s e x u a l i t y without problems because those who hire them need not worry about it trying, working, or beginning to work too late.

Compared with sildenafil, vardenafil, and tadalafil, active components with which it gives the mechanism of action, but which are part of the first generation of phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors, it has the same ability. Still, it guarantees a lower load of side effects such as headache, excess nasal, flushing, visual changes, and back pain: moreover, even at the most critical dose of Avana 200mg, which has proven to be much useful, there is no risk of improved adverse effects.

This tolerability – he added – is very useful because we know that the direction of a drug against erectile dysfunction is repeated after the first 3-4 months only by 62% of patients. After a year, the percentage of abandonment of therapy goes up to 60-70%. These data suggest that men stop using medications for reasons other than a lack of ability: many stop because they do not allow illness. Still, adherence to therapy is required for the procedure.

How much avanafil should I take?

Avana 100 reviews is the most stable of the previously received oral medications for the treatment of ED; it can, therefore, be used in the high dosages of up to 200 mg, speeding up the onset and giving more important results faster and in more challenging behavior.This said it is always of paramount concern to have your dosage and posology recommended by a certified medical board member before you start using Avana. It is up to your prescriber to limit the maximal allowed dose of avanafil for you.

Is avanafil safe?

Avanafil is reportedly as effective on erectile dysfunction as first-generation medicines, but with fewer side effects. Top Avana, the active ingredient of so-called “love pills,” is better tolerated, even at higher dosages. Not performing any risk of an increase in adverse events, it is possible to extend the therapy without breaking it, as in the case of up to 60-70% of cases.All this, along with high performance, with a relaxing effect in 80% of cases and also in the appearance of severe erectile dysfunction, regarding the safety profile of avanafil, makes it is reasonable to prescribe it at the highest dosage of 200 milligrams, particularly in the most challenging cases, to receive a reply faster.

What is better, avanafil, vardenafil, or Viagra?

The differentiation between avanafil, vardenafil, and sildenafil (Viagra) is least, apart from the tadalafil (Tadarise), which stands out concerning the continuation of action; there are several phases 3 drugs in building with the sole aim of enhancing and personalizing the treatment. It is always necessary to rely on a recommendation andrologist to support they need and the right dosage of the building medicine treatment. As we have seen, it can have unique advantages and side effects that should be known and withdrawn when possible.

Finally, one of the things that make Avana 100 reviews stand out is its mode of action: it acts very quickly, saving the need to plan the relationship and give it more directly. Let us not forget that the goal of erectile dysfunction medication is the answer to a natural and pleasing sensuality life: the things of avanafil make it fit for purpose, given that four men out of 10 consider medicine that works within 20 minutes ideally.

Side effects of Avana

Although rare, Avana side effects can prove themselves as the following:•Hot flashes•Electrocardiographic alterations•Hypertension•Nausea•Dyspepsia•Diarrhea•Constipation•Headache•Vertigo•Back pain•Arthralgia•Nasopharyngitis•Nasal congestion•Sinusitis•Upper airway infections•Bronchitis

Precautions of Avana

The lower chance of side effects depends on special features that make Avana tablets more careful than the “classic” medications against erectile dysfunction; this feature also decreases the likelihood of communications with other drugs (however, the absolute refusal of using it with nitrates that are used for angina pectoris remains).It reduces the requirement to change dosages in elderly patients with diabetes or insufficiency light or moderate kidney infection, making the pill very more comfortable to handle.


•The use of Avana is contraindicated in cases with:•Kidney/liver impairment•Heart failure / heart disease / stroke•The inadvisability of s*xual or any other physical activity•Congenital eye problem called retinitis pigmentosa•Eye nerve condition called NAION•Several blood cell diseases•Ulcerative diseases of GTI•Sensitivity towards avanafilBefore continuing to take Avana, inform you're prescriber about current and past health conditions to make a fully informed decision as for risks to benefits ratio of avanafil therapy in your specific case.Author BioWhen you can buy prescription medicines at Alldaygeneric, we can provide up to 50% off all ED medicines. You can buy generic drugs on our website and, in the future, created any problem. Then we help you and also promise you we are solved all your problem like delivery, product information, any misunderstanding or other.Buy Generic Medicines Online from our extensive Mail Order Pharmacy store of prescription and OTC drugs. Save big on prescr*ption medications and get them delivered directly to your home.


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