Road to Recovery After Rhinoplasty Surgery

We are living in an era where looks matter a lot. No matter how liberal your thoughts are on this issue, but the looks and appearance of a person can help him or her a lot in their lives.

Gone are the days when people were worried about their looks and gone are the days when people had low confidence! Are you surprised to hear this statement? No need to be surprised at all because we are now living in the era of cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic surgeries not only do wonders for a person’s look, but t can increase the confidence of a person to a great extent!

One such cosmetic surgery procedure that not only has transformed the facial features of thousands of people, but it has also given them a new life by engulfing them in loads of confidence. This highly effective surgery is known as Rhinoplasty, which is often termed as ‘nose job’ unofficially. You must consult best rhinoplasty surgeon in Mumbai before undergoing this surgery.

Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgery procedure that helps people to get nose shapes that make them feel better. It has become a fairly commonly performed cosmetic surgery.

It is a type of cosmetic surgery that’s performed to either enhance the looks of noses, or to rectify breathing issues. Over the years, a variety of Rhinoplasty procedures have been developed by surgeons depending upon the wishes and needs of their patients.

We all are aware with the fact that nose is a central part of the face, that if it’s adjusted, one can easily see the effects spread out across their face. Changes in the movement of the upper lip can occur due to Rhinoplasty. This happens because when the tip of your nose is pulled back, the upper lip might appear a bit longer.

There’s a high possibility that your cosmetic surgeon might move the nasal tip in upwards direction, which ultimately provides a really enhanced and attractive appearance.

A few muscles in your upper lip are inclined with some muscles present in your nose. However, those muscles will not be affected at all. Once the surgical procedure is completed, there a specific recovery period, which depends largely on the scale of the surgery.

Your facial muscles might feel a bit stretched out, but this will subside. Once the healing process is over, your facial muscles will switch back to their natural working. All the remaining effects of surgery will subside with a few weeks.

The Recovery Procedure After Getting Rhinoplasty Surgery  

Although the recovery period after Rhinoplasty varies with case to case, however, the average recovery period is a bit long. The bandages from the operated area will be removed within a week after the surgery, but that might also depend on the diagnosis of the surgeon.

After a fortnight the puffiness will also subside or fade away. To reduce the level of pain and swelling, your surgeon might recommend cold presses. So, in short we can say that sometimes one month is required for recovery after Rhinoplasty surgery.

You’ll be surprised to know that the recovery time period depends a lot on the type of surgery performed on your nose. So, you need to visit the best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai to get your ‘nose job’ done.

This you have heard before, but often we ignore it! Remember that the best result can only be delivered by the most renowned and experienced surgeon only. In short, we all agree that rhinoplasty is an ultimate way to boost your confidence by enhancing your looks.


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Written by Harleys Cosmetic Clinic in Mumbai

Our dedicated cosmetic clinic in Mumbai is specifically designed to make every cosmetic surgery procedure more effective, affordable and safer in Mumbai. We individualize each patient’s procedure and take great pride in the natural-looking beautiful results that follow. Our patients look Natural, Beautiful, Healthy and many reports feeling more confident, self-assured and happier after the cosmetic surgery procedure.


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