8 Common Things That Can Spoil Your Oral Health

Maintaining good oral health can be quite challenging especially if you consume a lot of junk food. However, there are many other factors that can affect your teeth. That’s why it is important to monitor your habits and limit the consumption of harmful foods and drinks. In this article, we gathered eight common things that can spoil your oral health.

1. Ice cubes

Ice cubes in a drink are not quite harmful (if you don’t have increased teeth sensitivity). However, if you gnaw on an ice cube, you can easily damage your teeth. Due to the fact that the ice cube is solid, it can chip or fracture your tooth. In this case, it is essential to visit a cosmetic dentist as soon as possible to avoid possible complications. Moreover, sharp pieces of ice may puncture your gums and cause bleeding. If you want to avoid such complications, it’s high time to get rid of this harmful habit.  

2. Tomato sauces

Tomato sauces contain a lot of sugar and acids at the same time. Such a dangerous combination can contribute to the development of tooth decay. The reality is that tooth decay occurs when the tooth enamel becomes too thin because of acids. Moreover, sugar in tomato sauce feeds on the bacteria that also produce acids. As a result, you have a double attack on your tooth enamel.

3. Wooden toothpicks

While using the wooden toothpick, you can push in the food debris deeper instead of reaching them. As a result, it would be harder to remove the debris from your mouth. In addition, a wooden toothpick usually has a sharp tip that can puncture your gums and thin enamel. Instead of these toothpicks, it is better to use dental floss or dental floss picks. 

4. Candies

Like any food that contains sugar, candies are also harmful to your teeth. As mentioned above, sugar contributes to the development of cavities. However, hard and sticky candies are much more harmful. Hard candies can fracture your teeth while sticky candies attach to your teeth. 

5. Oral piercing

Piercing in the tongue, lips, or other parts of the oral cavity can cause tooth fractures and chipped teeth. If the piercing is made from metal, it can wear the tooth enamel because of constant rubbing. Moreover, self-made piercing can get inflamed and cause severe pain. 

6. Dried fruits

Dried fruits are considered a healthy alternative to candies and cookies but they are not so harmless. Due to the fact that they still contain sugar and are quite sticky, dried fruit can also cause tooth decay. Be sure to rinse your mouth with plain water after eating dry fruits. However, it would be better to replace them with fresh fruits that have more benefits.

7. Alcohol

Alcohol drinks can make your mouth dry. It means that when you drink alcohol, the saliva production decreases. However, salivation is extremely important since it washes away food particles, dental plaque, and bacteria. That’s why it is important to stay hydrated during parties. Moreover, colored alcohol drinks and red wine can stain your teeth. In this case, plain water can also help remove pigments from your teeth. 

8. Coffee 

If you are fond of coffee, you probably have noticed that your teeth slowly lose their whiteness. However, teeth discoloration is not the only disadvantage of this drink. Coffee tends to wash away calcium from your body. You should understand that calcium is essential to your teeth and bones. If you can’t refuse coffee at all, try to add some milk to it. You can also try to limit the coffee brakes to one or two per day. 


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