Low Vision Activities that Engage the Mind

Low vision is a common occurrence in older adults. This is when the visual acuity is 20/70 or worse in the best eye. Senior citizens who have low vision usually have difficulty performing their daily activities or taking care of themselves. This health issue was once referred to as the partial vision or partial blindness. There is no cure or correction for low vision, not even surgery, using eyeglasses, or taking medication. Older adults with low vision have lost the ability to do some of the hobbies that they enjoy or read their favorite books. Living independently becomes a daily challenge, and this can cause anxiety and depression in older adults. Chandler  Home Care is here to help;

Older adults who live with low vision also face diminished mobility and social isolation as well as the devastation of not seeing as well as they once did. If your senior loved one is trying to manage low vision, there are some activities especially for this that will get them engaged, and also help stimulate the mind. You can help your elderly adult minimize the negative impact of their vision loss by having them participate in positive activities. For an avid reader, getting books on tape is the ideal solution for older adults to still enjoy their favorite authors. Home Care Chandler suggests that seniors may get to enjoy the hobby more because this will allow them to focus their attention.

Pet Therapy 

Pet therapy has been used in instances of people who have many different disabilities and has been great for older adults with low vision. Pets can help them reduce their feelings of loneliness, and will provide comfort and joy. Elderly adults with low vision can still do physical activities, and one great one is water aerobics. This and yoga are great calming exercises that do not involve a lot of movement but will help produce the natural endorphins to help the seniors feel happy. These exercises will also enhance sleep patterns, and reduce stress and anxiety associated with loss of vision.


Plan a fishing day for your senior loved one. This is an ideal activity that does not require much sight. Being with friends or a companion will provide socialization and relaxation. The older adult will also experience a boost in their confidence when they actually catch that big fish. Getting together with a social group can be a very important activity for your senior loved one who has low vision. Socialization helps reduce stress and anxiety and limits the effects of these emotions. Talking and listening to others can take the older adult away from what's on their minds and allow them to focus on others.


Gardening can be an important part of the life of a visually impaired senior. Having a few pots to put some herb seeds in and care for is very therapeutic. It will help build their confidence and self-esteem, and they will enjoy sharing their herbal products with family and friends. Older adults with low vision can reduce their stress by having something else to focus on.

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