What Is A Homeopath? The Law Of Similars And The Totality Of Symptoms

A homeopath isn't a nephropathy, or a herbalist, or a nurse. Homeopathy is also, in fact, something very specific. A homeopath will treat patients by administering specially prepared materials (homeopathic remedies) that are prescribed according to two fundamental principles: the Law of Similar, and the Totality of Symptoms.

Homeopathy is a comprehensive, holistic approach of medicine established from the early nineteenth century by German physician Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. Depending on the Law of Similars, a concept put forth by philosophers predating him, Hahnemann sought a principle-based way of treating people firmly, gently and effectively.

Since its usage is based on principles which are classic, homeopathic remedies are still useful today for flu, childhood disorders, colds, viral diseases, and even antibiotic resistant bacterial diseases.

Homeopathy has been a vital component of mainstream medicine from England, Europe, India and South America since its inception and is currently one of the most popular disciplines in other medicine in North America. It's a holistic view of health and disease, taking into account states of the body, mind and emotions. It offers a method of understanding health and disease that's harmonious with all the laws of nature, effecting change at the vital force of the individual using homeopathically potentized substances.

While information is readily available to the layman wishing to use homeopathic remedies for plenty of ailments, to utilize them to their maximum potential, the remedies have to be suitably selected by a homeopath.

See a homeopath for a serious or infectious disease that comes together for you or your family.

Watch a homeopath if you've tried other therapies and they have not been successful.

See a homeopath when you have a chronic condition and are not happy to take medications forever.

Watch a homeopath for psychological or mental disorders as well as physical.

Watch a homeopath to stop patterns of disease becoming heavier and more serious as time passes.

Watch a homeopath if you respect your body's innate ability to heal itself.

Watch a homeopath should you wish to reduce the toxic load of conventional medication.

See a homeopath if you would like to utilize homeoprophylaxis rather than vaccination.

Homeopaths have long kept silent about the conditions that evaporate in their patients. The word”cure” is prohibited in the current medical lexicon. It's always the goal of the homeopath to observe conditions resolve, tendencies and patterns reduce over time, and the patient's overall health and energy increase. This is much more than possible with this gentle yet powerful method of medicine.

Homeopathic remedies are readily accessible to the general public, and they are by definition non-toxic. That having been said, it is likely to use them wrongly into the detriment of the receiver. That usually happens when they are repeated for long periods of time or chosen based on pathology and not by the Law of Similar or Totality of Symptoms.


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Written by Medisynth

Medisynth, India’s leading manufacturer of homeopathic medicines has been in the business for over 75 years. Medisynth is more than just medicines – it is a way of life – for healing diseases and ailments in a holistic way.



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  1. This is awesome Write up, thanks for sharing this informative post with us, You are right homeopathy is very beneficial for us rather than Allopathic and other kind of medicines. Even it can be very helpful for us to get well or finished the root of the disease.

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