Brain Fog is increasing in older people

Brain fog is a condition where you lose your memory and have a lack of focus and concentration. You might feel dizzy, and your brain’s functioning capacity will reduce drastically. Especially Older people may have increased difficulty recalling names, finding the right word, multitasking, and paying attention. It is true that aging brings in various causes of brain fog, and can also be a very common symptom. Here are two major reasons why brain fog is common in older people:

1) Mental health issues

Older people accompany a lot of mental stress, anxiety, and other mental health issues. As you get older, your ability to retain good things and stay positive seems to reduce, which leads to mental health problems. There could be multiple reasons for it- you are retired and don’t have any work; your family might not be able to spend time with you; you feel lonely and others. These issues straightaway affect your brain and hamper your ability to stay healthy and focused, eventually leading to brain fog. Old age is often accompanied by other illnesses like weak vision, muscle pain, diabetes, low blood sugar, etc. These existing health conditions lower the brain’s capacity to function at its best. Surgery is also one of the a major causes where they mostly do feel anesthesia brain fog after surgery which can last for more than a month. Anesthesia given during surgery affects brain cells and its immune system to slow down processing. Moreover, it affects your ability to pay attention to things and be able to have a clear concentration. You tend to forget things and suffer from poor health conditions, which leads to an adverse impact on brain fog.

2) Reduced brain activity

With old age, certain parts of your brain become to shrink, especially those related to learning and manual activities. Your cognitive abilities reduce significantly, and you are dependent on others for most of your needs. You also seem to lose interest and focus on other things in life, thus reducing your mental activity. Moreover, because of old age, the communication between your brain and nerve cells also reduces, eventually leading to brain fog. There is aslo Sleep. Sleep is the most critical part of your routine. Having a good sleep keeps your focus sharp and also energizes you for the day. Older people usually lack sleep due to multiple reasons like stress, ill health, etc. Their sleep cycle keeps fluctuating, thus resulting in brain fog. They need to make a practice to get a sound sleep for 7 to 9 hours to lower their brain fog chances.


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