How To Protect Yourself From Air Pollution While Traveling

Day by day the air pollution is rising and making problems for the travelers who are going outside from state to state or county to country.  

 And accounting for WHO (world health organization) 9 out of 10 people are breathing in contaminated air and 7 million people die from it annually. So, we have to take some precautions and start using a face mask for pollution also we need to become more serious about air pollution. Together we can reduce the affecting rate and death rate. 

 So, let's discuss these 8 precautions which may help you to stay healthy.   

 1. You have to check the quality of air before traveling to this destination. 

Try to find the destination's fair rating on pollution monitoring websites such as and air matters, which will help you a lot. And the formers can give you the historical data which you can use to help to avoid annual peaks. Like this, you can try to find ways to save more and more.


2. Must take a mask.

Yes! For your safety, it also matters a lot but minds it tries to buy a face mask which really helps you a lot. So, be careful. And use it, don't keep it inside your bag after buying it. Don't forget to use an invisible pollution mask while going out. If you are traveling with your children or with parents then buy this type of mask which. Will properly fit them and another one thing you have to focus that is don't use a mask on regular basis, after some time the filter of the mask you have to change. So, consider all these factors.


 3. Try to stay hydrated. 

Drink plenty amount of water. Always remember to take a bottle of fresh water with you when you are traveling. It will help you to flush out toxins and various body wastes. And if you want then you can make your detox drink by using amala and tulsi leaves. 

 4. Take care of your skin 

When you are traveling use any sunscreen or moisturizer because it will give an extra protection layer to your skin and also it will prevent your skin from the toxins and wash your face with cold water and use a non-exfoliating facewash to remove the toxins from your face and if possible you can use a scrub in bath time which will remove pollutants from your body. Don't forget to wash your skin before sleep.

 5. Stay inside when pollution is high. 

Your health is most important than everything. So, on that note when you see that the air is polluted heavily, stay inside those days. Plan indoor activities and avoid those areas where air pollution is in worse condition.


We observe that some people are thinking about why I'll wear, where no one is wearing. And that's the bad thing, just think that breathing in toxic air is like smoking a packet of cigarettes in a day. So, you can't neglect the face mask for pollution just because you are the one person between all.


What do you think?

Written by Piyush saxena

The company has been established with the intention of bringing new solutions to the Indian market. Engineering and re-engineering of products and solutions for the Indian market, thereby also showing the ability and capability of Indian tech sciences. By developing for India first we then want to expand to the global market.


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