Ketamine Treatment in San Francisco: Guideline 2020

Depression and anxiety are two serious diseases, which are most widely spread all over the world. Millions of people suffer from them and most drugs and therapies cannot help to manage them. For example, such famous drugs as Lexapro are useless for certain people. Fortunately, science constantly develops and offers new solutions. Thus, doctors actively apply ketamine to treat mental diseases. Many people want to try it and search for a ketamine clinic San Francisco.

It’s necessary to find all the essentials about any trustworthy ketamine clinic San Francisco. There are several conditions you should always check before you undergo a ketamine depression San Francisco treatment. These are as follows:

  • Licensing. First of all, make sure your ketamine clinic San Francisco provides the anticipated course of treatment. Don’t forget that ketamine was created to act as a pain reliever and is applied as anesthesia. Therefore, make sure the chosen center offers ketamine for depression San Francisco.
  • Reputation. Secondly, check the reputation of the chosen medical center. Reputation is of huge importance in every sphere of our life, especially in medicine and you shouldn’t risk it. Your choice should be based on the success rate of operations and other medical procedures. Therefore, don’t focus only on ketamine therapy. Pay attention to customers’ reviews and independent ratings.
  • Pricing. Obligatorily check the price policy of the selected center. They may hugely differ because the average prices for ketamine treatment vary from $300 to $450. Mind that most insurance companies refuse to cover this therapy. Accordingly, your choice should be logical and careful.
  • Procedures. Finally, check the available procedures because there are two options. One of them is intravenous infusion. The second method is the use of a nasal mist. Some people don’t easily tolerate injections and so a ketamine infusion center San Francisco is not suitable for them. Look for centers that provide both methods. Mind that the efficacy remains the same.

Is This Therapy Effective?

Many people tend not to believe the efficacy of ketamine therapy. Perhaps they mistrust off-label uses. Nonetheless, this therapy is quite effective. More than 80% of patients, who underwent it, showed positive outcomes. It really helps to overcome depression, as well as several anxiety disorders. Accordingly, it makes sense to find and use a ketamine clinic San Francisco.

Is It Safe?

Another issue related to the use of Ketamine is the safety of this method. Such strong drugs may potentially cause some health issues. For example, there were a few reports on:

  • Lightness in the head;
  • Loss of concentration;
  • Increase blood pressure;
  • Irregular heartbeat, etc.

However, these issues were of a soft character. They didn’t last for long and quickly withdrew. This method is much safer than the use of various famous drugs similar to Zoloft, Lexapro, and other ones. Those drugs are more likely to cause health issues, which are more severe and lasting. Therefore, you can freely use a credible ketamine clinic San Francisco to overcome mental ailments and avoid negative outcomes.


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