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The first thing you need to understand as someone that doesn't have panic attacks or anxiety ProMindComplex Review  attacks is that those that do, are not in danger.Let me explain, you see, our bodies have this ‘fight or flight' response whenever we sense or know there is danger lurking about. Our ancestors have used this mental tool to survive. But in our modern world, there is still dangers all around us but not necessarily immediate danger.

There is a difference… and this is why most of people can “normally” tell the difference whether or not they are in any danger and how to respond to that threat if there was danger. Those who suffer from anxiety attacks and panic attacks however, their brains signal the body that there is immediate danger. And the body responds with symptoms that are quite similar to those of more serious medical issues.This is why the very first thing you should do is make certain that the person is suffering from panic attacks… and her/his doctor already ruled out the more serious medical conditions such as heart attacks and others.

If this person NEVER discuss the symptoms with their doctor… urge them to do so. Because you will never know unless the doctor declares that they are not in danger from any other issues. For instance, some symptoms of panic attacks is being overcome with paralyzing sense of fear and anxiety. Shortness of breath. The heart is trying to pound it's way out of the chest. There may be some trembling or shaking of the extremities such as fingers or hands. There may be a lot of sweating. Feeling dizzy or light-headed. The fear of falling asleep because you may die. And the list can go on. But there are lots of similarities between panics and more serious health issues.So be sure that person consults and is check over with their family doctor. It is real important that they do.


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Written by Sidneyurbain


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