Ayurveda retreat in Kerala

Kerala is also popularly known as ‘God’s own country’, and boy! God has definitely picked a gorgeous one. This pristine state is bejewelled with green mountains of the Western Ghats, the Indian Ocean, and majestic wild animals. This state is also world famous for its close relation to Ayurveda and wellness. Kerala and Ayurveda is really a match made in heaven. Wellness retreats across Kerala offer the most authentic ayurvedic therapies and treatments to a number of health issues. The use of potent herbal oils, herbal steam, etc. to give facials and massages results in deep relaxation and the complete rejuvenation of the mind and body. The skilled ayurvedic therapists in Kerala offer the most. While there are many ayurvedic cleanse retreat in Kerala, here we have compiled a list of best ones:

•Niraamaya Wellness Retreat: located on the scenic Kovalam beach, this gorgeous property is potted with traditional Kerala cottages lined by soothing breeze from the coconut trees. The accommodation here is a luxurious affair. The rooms have an earthy touch to them along with all modern facilities. This place offers panchakarma therapy, weight loss program, corporate stress management program, bone and joint care program, etc. They also offer immunity boosting programs, gut restoration program, deep detoxification program, aesthetics program, etc.  They also arrange for local sightseeing tours and plantation drives on request.

•Carnoustie Ayurveda and wellness resort: this gorgeous award winning wellness retreat is located just near the magnificent Arabian Sea. A thorough consultation for the guests is conducted at arrival by experts who then suggest customised treatments and therapies as per the requirements of each guest. This retreat offer world-class services in naturopathy, yoga, and ayurveda. They have detox and weight loss programme, anti-aging programme, acupuncture, herbal baths and wraps, along with daily yoga and meditation sessions.

•Ayursoukhyam ayurveda resort: located in a serene village Thumboormuzhy surrounded by gardens of medicinal herbs and plants, this resort offered excellent relaxation services. Uzhichil, navarakizhi, upanaham, sirodhara, sirovasthy, etc. are some of the many ayurvedic treatments offered here. This place has an experience of 150 years in ayurveda and they also manufacture around 600 ayurvedic medicines. The accommodation here is comfortable with all modern facilities.

Kerala is the ideal destination for wellness and ayurvedic retreats. This place has a rich legacy of ayurvedic practices which are intact even today. So, if you want to have an authentic ayurvedic experience Kerala is where you must head.


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