The Home Isolation Guidelines to Follow

The Health Ministry has published guidelines for the home isolation of very mild and pre-symptomatic cases of Covid-19, which allow a patient to remain home but must be in regular communication with the district supervisors and a hospital and sign a business. Opt Home isolation treatment plans.

The present guidelines complement guidelines released by the Ministry of Health on April 7 on the suitable handling of suspect / confirmed Covid-19.

Both suspected cases and confirmed cases of Covid-19 disease (waiting test results) are currently isolated and treated in the hospital in order to interrupt the transmission chain. In accordance with current guidelines, patients should be clinically allocated to I the Covid Treatment, (ii) to the Dedicated Covid Health Centre, and (iii) to the Dedicated Covid Hospital, during the containment process, in very mild / mild , moderate or serious medication.

“The guidelines state, however, that very mild / presymptomatic patients who have the appropriate facility for self isolation at their residence have a choice for home isolation.

The eligibility for home isolation is that the treating physician should clinically assign the person as a very mild case. These cases should have the appropriate self-isolation and quarantine facilities in their homes.

To provide 24 x7 service, a caregiver should be available. For the entire length of the home isolation a connexion between the caregiver and the clinic is a pre-condition. Hydroxychloroquine prophylaxis should be used by the caregiver and by all near contacts in such situations as recommended by the health care professional.

The patient shall consent, according to the Guidelines, to monitor their health and to inform the District Surveillance Officer periodically about their health status for further monitoring by the monitoring teams.

The patient may also complete a self-isolation undertaking and obey the instructions for home quarantine.

The Guideline states that if severe signs or symptoms occur the patient or caregiver will continue to track their health and medical attention must be taken immediately. These could include breathing difficulties, persistent chest pain or stress, confusion or incapacity to awaken, the development of bluish lip / face discoloration and treatment by physicians. When it calls for a household isolation to be removed, it is stated in the recommendations that patients who are isolated at home will terminate their home isolation if symptoms are clinically resolved.

Caregivers are instructed to wear a three-layer medical mask appropriately when using the ill person in the same room. Hand hygiene must be maintained after contact with the person who is ill or their immediate environment, before and after food preparation, before eating, after toilet use, and if hands become dirty.

Patients were asked to avoid direct contact with the patient's body fluids, particularly with oral or respiratory secretions. Disposable gloves and hand protection before and after the removal of gloves must be used during the care of the patient.

It is also necessary in an immediate setting to prevent exposure to potentially polluted products ( e.g. prevent cigarette sharing, eating utensils , plates, beverages, towels and bed linen).

For all times, after 8 hours or earlier, the patient must wear a triple layer of medical mask and remove a mask when damp or clearly soiled.

The patient must remain in and out of his or her defined room, especially the older person and those who have comorbid conditions such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease and renal disease.

To stay appropriately hydrated and always obey respiratory tags, the patient must rest and drink plenty of fluids. Follow all these tips to get good health and not to get covid affected. Opt for Covid-19 Health Checkup Packages.


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