Does Eating Sugar Cause Diabetes? To Admit or Not!

Bitter Melon is a tropical fruit that has been used extensively as a remedy for diabetes  AltaiBalance Review also. The leaves of the plant are brewed in hot water to create a tea that has been used to treat both malaria and diabetes. The leaves are allowed to steep in hot water before being strained thoroughly so that only the remaining liquid is used for the tea. Also the fresh juice or extract of the unripe fruit has been shown to have blood sugar lowering ability. Diabetics taking insulin however should use bitter melon with caution, as it may lead to severe hypoglycemia.

Gymnema Sylvestre assists the pancreas to produce insulin in Type 2 diabetics, and also improves the ability of insulin to lower blood sugar in both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics. It also helps to decrease the cravings for sweet foods. This herb can be an excellent substitute for oral blood sugar-lowering drugs taken by Type 2 diabetics. Blueberry leaves. An extract of the leaves of the blueberry plant has a long history of use in the treatment of diabetes. Blueberry extracts in ‘blind' placebo trials have shown a marked effect on reducing blood sugar levels after the ingestion of food.

 Onion and Garlic both have proven significant blood sugar lowering ability. Clinical evidence suggests that the active ingredient in Onions and Garlic lowers glucose levels by competing with insulin for the insulin inactivating sites in the liver, resulting in an increase of free insulin. Onion extract, in clinical trials was also found to reduce blood sugar levels during oral and intravenous glucose tolerance tests. Asian Ginseng which is commonly used in Chinese medicine for the treatment of diabetes has been shown to enhance the release of insulin from the pancreas and to increase the number of insulin receptors. It also has a direct blood sugar lowering effect.


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