How long does it take to recover from Hip Replacement Surgery?

The straightforward answer to this question totally depends upon many factors: how long you will be recovered from the pain of hip replacement surgery. Since there are categories of people like; some people need medications to control the pain for 2-3 weeks after surgery while some take a bit longer time from 4 to 6 weeks after surgery.

I think you want to know the estimated time to recover from hip replacement surgery after which you can resume your physical activities. Right? You can resume adrenaline challenging activities after 12-15 months following surgery.

But remember, again we are reminding you that the recovery times depend upon many factors because it is found in studies that there are cases when patients didn't get fully recovered from the hip replacement surgery pain even after 6 months following surgery.

I think now you have got your answer about how long it takes to recover from hip replacement surgery. But wait, there's plenty more for you in our treatment guide to hip replacement surgery.

Before this blog ends, not only you will learn about the total time taken to recover from hip replacement surgery, but you will also learn about things you could expect from a hip replacement surgery along with answers like how much pain you have to bear if you go for hip replacement surgery.

So, to gain accurate and reliable knowledge about hip replacement surgery in India, you need to understand first various other aspects of hip replacement surgery.

But before that let's talk about…

Why India Is The Best Place For Hip Replacement Surgery?

You would be amazed to know if you will believe in studies, you will realize that India orthopaedic surgeons in India perform hip replacement surgery with a 99% success rate. There are two major hip replacement surgeries in India – single hip replacement surgery and bilateral hip replacement surgery.

Is There Any Difference Between The Cost Of These Two Hip Replacement Surgeries? 

Yes, there's a difference in the cost of single hip replacement surgery cost and bilateral hip replacement surgery cost. The cost of the former- one in India costs around USD 3000-4000 while the latter one is supposed to cause in USD 5500-7300.

The difference in price is due to the many factors like the bilateral hip replacement surgery cost in India varies from single hip replacement due to implant choices, the hospitals you choose. The material used in the implant depends upon manufacture to the country to quality and longevity.

On the other hand, what type of hospitals you select for your hip replacement surgery cost in India plays a vital role in your speedy recovery. Since the tier 1 cities in India like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc. have highly specialized certified orthopaedic doctors, most of them are UK and US return. Plus, the cost of hip replacement surgery in India is more affordable than any other western nation.

How Long The Surgery Hip Replacement Surgery Takes To Finish? 

It hardly takes 1-3 hours, and in some cases, individuals after surgery can walk on the same day. But the top orthopaedic doctors in India or across the world state that patients should seek proper rest and perform exercise that does not put the burden on your hips. If you select India as your preferred destination for hip replacement surgery, chances are high that you will resume your physical activities within 4-6 weeks since the orthopaedic doctors here in India provide a very speedy recovery rate.

What Age Group Of People Can Go For Hip Replacement Surgery?

Great question! If you are an adult of any age group, you can go for hip replacement surgery depending on what kind of surgery you require, whether full hip replacement or minimally invasive surgery. However, generally, the people who are between the age group of 60 to 80 are prone to more hips surgery due to fall of osteoarthritis.

Why Do You Need Hip Replacement Surgery? 

You need to undergo hip replacement surgery if you are suffering from severe hip pain. You could relate to the fact that dealing with chronic pain in everyday life is not easy to digest as it could limit your movement. From walking problems to standing problems and going from the stairs issue, you should seek immediate medical assistance in case of prolonged hip pain. This could be the red flag that your pain is uncontrollable with medications.

What To Expect After Hip Replacement Surgery? 

Imagine resuming your physical activities like walking, cycling, running, etc. this could be your experience after hip replacement surgery. But remember, it's still not advisory that you can challenge your adrenaline nerves and embark for trekking and something really challenging.

What's The Degree Of Pain I Have To Undergo During Hip Replacement Surgery? 


If you are looking for the answer to how painful the hip replacement surgery would be for you, then you have come to the right place. After surgery, you might or might not feel severe pain, but sure, you have to undergo a little pain which could be saturated with medications prescribed by the orthopaedic doctor you consult with.


Will I Feel Difficulty Doing Poop? 


How do you poop after hip replacement surgery might be the question spinning in your head? Well, you must make your stool release smoothly without causing you much pain, and you don't have to apply much effort and energy to let it pass. This could happen only when you intake loads of fluids like immunity boosting juices, filtered water, and consume food that is rich in fiber like green vegetables.


How Normal Constipation After Hip Replacement Surgery Is? 


Frankly, constipation is normal after hip replacement surgery. It's not only about hip replacement surgery, but it applies to every surgery that is performed by giving anesthesia. To get relief, drinking plenty of fluid is suggested or you can use the stool softener upon consultation with your orthopaedic doctor. However, if your constipation is frequent and is not stopping, don't ignore another red flag and visit the doctor.


Is Wiping Hip Gets Difficult After Hip Replacement Surgery? 

Seriously not! But you have to follow certain steps to remove all the possibility of any discomfort or pain. Take these following steps :

If required, choose to lean on the non-operative hip to seek support.

Take the help of your arm or elbow for support.

Take the help of your free hand to wipe.

Don't twist your body upper the hip region too much.

Neglect turning the foot inward on your hip replacement surgery side to avoid discomfort.

 There could be a ton of other questions you might have related to hip replacement surgery in India. If you want to get the answer of all those questions which you haven't found in this guide, check out the Medsurge India website to know everything related to hip replacement surgery in India.


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