Should you take Sildenafil for Erectile Dysfunction?

The most commonly suggested medicine for erectile dysfunction is Sildenafil, with the dosage of 50mg. You must ensure that you use Sildenafil 50mg in the following way:

  • Take one tablet at a time
  • Take tablet one hour prior to sex.
  • Do not eat a heavy meal.
  • Do not drink much alcohol beforehand
  • Do not take more than one tablet in 24 hours

Remember that Sildenafil, and all other ED tablets, will possibly work in the event when you become explicitly stimulated; it isn't, in itself, a ‘Spanish fly'. At the point when fruitful the impacts of Sildenafil 50mg should keep going for 4 to 6 hours; during this time, you ought to have the option to accomplish an erection at whatever point you become explicitly stirred. Suhagra 100 mg tablet is one of the generic viagra with active ingredient as Sildenafil.

Sildenafil 50mg didn't work for me. What would it be a good idea for me to do?

In controlled investigations, Sildenafil 50mg was discovered to be compelling in 74% of men with erectile brokenness. Accordingly, all things considered, you will encounter accomplishment with this treatment.

Assuming, in any case, you find that Sildenafil 50mg doesn't work for you the first occasion when you take it, there are a couple of things you can do:

  1. Try Sildenafil on seven additional events, ensuring you take it precisely as suggested (specialists suggested attempting ED tablets multiple times before increasing the measurement or changing to another treatment)
  2. If you are as yet having no achievement, converse with the specialist who recommended you about changing to Sildenafil 100mg. In the event that you requested by means of Online Doctor, send us a message through your Patient Record
  3. Consider difficult an alternate ED tablet, for example, Cialis.

You ought to never modify the measurements of your Sildenafil without conversing with your PCP.

Taking Sildenafil 100mg

It might be that your primary care physician at first recommends you Sildenafil 100mg, anyway it is more normal to begin the 50mg measurement and work up to 100mg on the off chance that you have no achievement. Allergic reactions related to Sildenafil incorporate migraine, facial flushing, sickness, dazedness and stodgy nose. They won't influence everybody except, as recently expressed, they are almost certain when you are taking Sildenafil 100mg. you can buy suhagra 50 mg online from various pharmacies.


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