Is Narrow Band UV Light Therapy Really Effective?

Ultraviolet light treatment or ultraviolet phototherapy is a method of treatment for certain skin illnesses, including atopic skin ailment and vitiligo, when utilized with psoralen to induce the PUVA treatment. This kind of management, also known as narrow band UV light therapy, can be utilized on its own or in grouping with externally applied or topical tablets or medication. It involves revealing the affected areas of skin to spectrum light, such as UV light. UV light decreases inflammation and slows the fabrication of skin cells.

The narrow band UV light therapy reveals more melanin buildup than we could ever see unaided, and the damage looks as if dark spots are induced on the skin. UV cameras also disclose dry skin, which looks like a greenish radiance or as perky green spots where the dehydrated skin has flaked off. Narrow band UV light therapy is a treatment with a special kind of light, not necessarily sunlight. It is at times used to treat neonatal jaundice by dropping the bilirubin levels in your child’s blood through a procedure called photo-oxidation. This process adds oxygen to the bilirubin, so it disbands easily in water.

In contrast, UV rays, be it from the sun or artificial sources like tanning beds, etc. can cause perpetual damage, including but not limited to sunburn. Contact to UV rays can cause early aging of the skin and portray early signs of sun damage such as leathery skin, wrinkles, actinic keratosis, liver spots, and even solar elastosis. Moreover, UV rays can also cause severe eye ailments.

Vitiligo is an assimilated disorder of skin skin-coloring that produces momentous psychological impact, especially in those with a skin of deep and rich color. Narrow-band UV light therapy, which was initially used in vitiligo in the late 1990s by two noteworthy scientists, has arisen as one of the benign and most operative therapy for this condition.

The light foundation used for narrow band UV light therapy is generally the phototherapy lamp. The most mutual model of the NB-UVB therapy device is the erect in-office booth or cavity, which has twenty to forty such lamps. In current years, there have been several developments in the indulgence of the mechanism of narrow band UV light therapy and the use of grouping treatments, many of which upsurge the efficacy of narrow band UV light therapy.


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