Kidney Stone Laser Removal, Urinary Bladder Stones Treatment in Rohru, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh (

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Get best laser lithotripsy treatments in Rohru, Himachal Pradesh. Effective Procedures for Kidney, Urinary bladder stone removal in Uttarakhand by best doctor at Shanti Clinic & Nursing Home, Hospital in Rohru HP.


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Shanti Clinic & Nursing Home is located in Rohru where it provides a multitude of treatment naming a few such as non-surgical USG Guided Lithotripsy for treating kidney & bladder stones, laser skin aesthetics & hair transplant studio, EEG & Dexa scan, eye testing & optician and many more. We believe in treating with exceptional care as healthy citizens are the future of our country. Breakthrough research continues to come out with the best possible treatments. Get an appointment. Contact Us: +91-9816496413


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