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You must ensure that you eat only the required number of TheMenopause Myth Review  calories per day and less than 20% of this requirement should come from fats. Saturated fats and dairy foods should be avoided. Food should be organic where possible and free from additives. The bulk of your diet should consist of raw foods and you must try to eat plenty of dark green leafy vegetables.It is well known that the presence of pesticides and environmental pollutants can contribute to fibroid growth. Removing these by a thorough detox program is essential to guarantee success.

Stress Management There is a definite connection between fibroids and stress in many women so control of stress is vital in any natural remedy for fibroids. Although not thought to be a primary cause it is when stress is combined with other factors that it becomes influential. Therefore looking at relaxation techniques which suit you as an individual is vital be it meditation through exercise or simply undertaking an engrossing hobby.

Today opting for the removal of uterus is a common thing as many women across the world are going for hysterectomy. There is an unknown fear around it. There is no definite reason for this surgery. Every case can be different. It is important to understand that after hysterectomy one cannot bear her own children as it is not possible.


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