Three Blocks to Spiritual Growth

You avoid them as much as possible. But for those Thought Manifestation Review  times when you have no choice, we offer the suggestions below to help you handle them peacefully and from the perspective of a mystic rather than allowing them to add more stress to your life or worse.  Consider why they are difficult. Usually there's at least one hidden reason.

Frequently, very difficult people have endured early life trauma, are currently coping with deep personal challenges and, or have drug and alcohol problems, to name a few possible issues. To make things worse, we believe many such people, during times of duress, are negatively influenced by dark energy–call it demonic possession or influence if you want, or extreme subconscious defenses and fears surfacing–whatever it is, our findings tell us that often times it's very difficult for some people to see beyond themselves and understand how their actions are negatively influencing those around them.

Acceptance. Once you put yourself in their shoes and understand the why, it's easier to have at least a little compassion for them, see them as damaged goods, and not take their actions so personally.Drop expectations. Don't expect them to treat you well or even reasonably. It's not your right to control anyone. You can try to help someone become more aware of their behavior and the consequences, but you cannot change them.

Retain your dignity. When you react adult-like with a reasonable tone, confidence, and compassion, there will be no reason for anyone to blame you for any disharmony. This may enrage a difficult person who's intent is to control you or make you lower yourself to their level, but keep your cool and you will come out on top.


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