This is Life

Just when I got my turn to present the project at the review, Someone else wanted to present theirs, urgently.
Just when I reached the college entrance,the college bus left the campus and I was informed that there would be no more buses till 4.
Just when I finished my Gobi Manchurian, I was told that there was Pappadi chat and Bhel Puri available in our canteen, to which i was oblivious.
Just when I’d got a good system with 1 Gbps Lan speed, I was told I would not be able to access Facebook.


Thanks to Twitter and Blogger,Freecell, Yahoo Astrology and HoroscopeI survived for 3 hours.

And this my friend..Is Life. :), You Almost make it, But still you Dont. But, As someone said (below 😛 ) Everything always happens for a good reason 🙂



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Written by Ashwini


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