Tall , Fair And Handsome…

“Tall, Dark and Handsome” …If that’s how it goes, I wonder, why we have Men’s beauty products such as “Fair and Handsome”? Tall and dark isn’t handsome anymore, if the evolving metrosexual trend among men are to be considered.  You might be a top shot corporate guy or a scientist designing the next Space project for Mars in one of the undisclosed Government Hi-Tech laboratories. Nevertheless, try your luck with a prospective Bride hunting and you would sure come across quite a few situations wherein strange fat aunties, supposedly blessed with consolidated wisdom of the world, would judge you’re largely on how nice you look. “Gayer Rong ta besh Chapa” / “Thoda rang sanwla hain”. Bloody hell, I just designed the vessel for the Country’s next Mars project, and my skin tone is what finally dictates my credibility as an apt Bridegroom.

Men, since historical ages, in general have been applauded for their acts of Chivalry and Valiance. At least the scores of History books we grew up reading never described Maharana Pratap, as the “cute, fair and cuddly” king of Mewar. He was better known as a king who protected the Nation, Dharma, Culture and Freedom. The Queens on the other hand have been heralded for their beauty and elegance. That’s how it has been since the ancient times of Kama Sutras. Well, the sudden paradigm shift in a guy’s “Appealing” factors has left us very confused. The amazing maze of beauty products and cosmetics, specially designed for Men, has been selling like hot cakes. From spiked hair to waxed chests, metrosexual men are here to give some tough competition to the women brigade.

The advertisements flocking Television time keep reminding us of Fairness Superiority. The dark guy lacks self-confidence and sweats out in the scorching heat looking for a job, clinging haplessly onto his bio data. The sun beating down and world virtually crashing. And you keep guessing – What’s the advert for? Is it Dermi-Cool? Is it the new cola drink? Is it Pudin-hara? And finally there’s the million dollar clue…It’s that stupid fairness cream. Just 6 Weeks of fairness treatment, brimming with confidence and the perfect job thereafter. Students can skip their Engineering and Medical semesters. Just apply regular doses of fairness formulas meticulously. The benefits are innumerous. Good job , promotion , super hit at blind dates , great Girlfriend , lead role in college drama , easy marriage and nice kids too. 


What do you think?

Written by Soham


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