The day before holi in school and the blue scalp!!

There's no escape,all efforts and techniques have failed by now.Thus surrender is the only option left,as scary faces approach,the last words which come out of every child's mouth are “uniform pe mat dalna please”.


The day before holi in school is no less than a war,it used to be the day when we don't check whether we have all the books according to the time table but make sure that we have all the weapon and ammo ready.Special instructions were given by mother to take care of the uniform…”No dark and permanent colors”.As i entered the school premises,every known and friendly face appears to is nowhere found among ourselves.Some were smiling because they knew were prepared for after session war and others like me were afraid and worried.the only motto for the day was “Don't get the uniform spoiled” otherwise a good scolding at home is waiting.


The day passed soon enough,heartbeat rises with the ringing bell.As we finished our afternoon prayer,we get our diaries checked and form ques to finally head out of the school.As i stepped outside,there was silence,the silence before the chaos..because nobody will ever approach you across a perimeter of 10 metres around school.It will start just after the first turn,near the school and in the park.The park which used to be the place of our rendezvous in holidays,today becomes the slaughter region..everyone familiar or unfamiliar will tame you,friends are foe here.Preparing yourself and arming is the final option left when one have to pass through or near the park to get to your home.




The view of the park and surrounding area can scare the hell out of anyone normal..with students running away from colorful monsters just to save their prestige…their school are not suppose to get caught because once you have,you will become one of them.I entered the region with my ammo,A big packet of scented yellow gulaal in this case.I was ready to face it…face to face with all my courage and strength,which only last for splits of a second.And in another few seconds i am one of them.I was colored by with my own colors but somehow i managed not to be painted upon with any permanent color.As i get out of the region to head back home,i noticed my friend Rohit Bora going for home accompanied by some other guy.I decide to color him because i don't get the privilege to color someone on my own.though he was all colored,face and hairs…but i want a mark of my own.So,i sneak behind him taking the leftover gulaal in my hands.But the winds of bad luck blown….again.He suddenly turned and notice me,with in an instant he emptied a small plastic box over my head and the other guy added water from his bottle….hmmmm and the final dish of the ingredients was a purplish blue color.


I managed to save my uniform but the cost i paid was a purlish blue scalp for atleast next 7 days.



Happy Holi everyone 🙂




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Written by Rajnish


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