The 6 Types of People That Say “I’m Just Gonna Leave This Here” in Movies

I’m just gonna leave this article here, okay? You let me know when you’re done with it and I’ll come pick it up.

1. Waitress With Dessert Menu Backing Away from Couple Fighting at Table

Types of People That Say

Hey guys just wanted to swing by and see if we’re feelin’ any desse- oh you two are screaming very loudly at one another. Ah, crying as well. It appears I am caught in the crossfire here. Was simply looking to tell you our Key Lime Pie is delicious and an excellent summer choice. I’m just going to leave this menu here. You know what I’ll just get you two the check.

2. Guy We Thought Was Bad But Then Looks The Other Way To Help Protagonist Escape

Types of People That Say

Oh no, just as the protagonist was about to escape, big scary man from earlier who we know to be bad steps in the way! He’s done for. Oh wait….perhaps…..yes. It appears the small but moving gesture the protagonist did for big scary man earlier has changed his heart. He is now going to put the keys on the table for an escape. Truly no good deed goes unnoticed. Thank you big scary- I mean. Kind Gentle Man.

3. Comic Relief Trying to Lift Something Heavy That Superhero Did Easily

Types of People That Say

Oh wow, everyone ooohing and aaahing at Mr. Tough Guy over here huh? Well folks, The Hulk or whoever the fuck ain’t all that – look I can lift and throw a car just like he just did. Huuurp- yep ok this is very heavy. Don’t have a good grip. My hands are a little slippery that’s all. I’m just gonna put this down, leave it right here. There we go.

4. Villain When Leaving Room Acting Like He’s Leaving Hero a Gift But It’s Actually A Bomb

Types of People That Say

Hahahahah yes it is I, The Villain. Sorry to cut our visit short my friend, but I must be off to kill your lovely girlfriend or mom idk. I’ll be sure to tell her you said hello. Oh! And I almost forgot. I got you a little something. I’m just gonna leave this here, snicker, and turn and walk towards camera as you are in the background tied up squirming in your lone chair in this warehouse.

5. Mom Stopping in the Doorway After Walking in On Masturbating Kid

Types of People That Say

Honey, I’ve finished your laundry oh-! Time to shut the door halfway and apologize and panickedly explain to you I was just trying to bring your laundry to you. Uh, ok I’m just going to leave this here I’ll call you down when it’s time for dinner. Then when I leave, you embarrassingly pull the covers over your head before we cut to the next scene.

6. Dodgy Businessman Offering His Card To Help Protagonist Out of a Jam

Types of People That Say

Listen pal, I’m not a bad guy. I’m just a fella looking to make a buck in this twisted world of ours, same as anybody else. Now you got a problem. I specialize in making problems like yours disappear. I’m just gonna leave this here. You call me when you make up your mind. Take all the time you need.


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