Importance of User testing for your mobile apps

If you have developed an app then you’re definitely going be falling I love with your creation. It’s natural to like something that you’ve created with your own hands. In case of apps it’s necessary to critically analyze every aspect of the app before you launch it.


Even if you are using a mobile app development company to have your app created you still need to get it tested before the launch. If you have outsourced it to experts even then? Yes, even then you should test it by getting different other people to use your app. It’s not that the developers are prone to making mistakes it’s simply a matter of getting to see your app from a user’s point of view.

Sometimes what happens is that since developers spend so much time developing the app therefore they get tunnel vision. And this is a natural thing to happen. That’s why it is better to have other sets of eyes see your app and different people use your app so that one app goes through different screening processes. These users might see the app more critically and objectively than the developers. And it is highly likely that these testers might give very insightful and helpful information regarding your app which will only help in making the app better than before.

You can always go on about having your mobile app tested by a small sample of users if you are low on budget. Just having five to ten people testing your app is more than enough to learn plenty. And if don’t want to spend any money on this testing than you can have your group of friends and your family, your cousins and people you hang out with to test your mobile app for free.



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Written by Tony Reeves


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