A Free Diabetic Diet Online Can Help You Lose 40lbs in 90 Days!

Having diabetes on both sides of my family Blood Sugar Formula Review  tree, I have had to learn about preparing meals for diabetics. In my internet travels I found a diabetic cookbook that can be downloaded. It has over 500 recipes for all kinds of meals and desserts. It is in PDF format so anyone with Adobe Acrobat Reader can open it. The thing I like about it is once downloaded you can save it on your computer, which does not take up any shelf space. Or you can print a recipe for your meal.

The daytoday responsibilities of diabetes management falls squarely on the person with type 2 diabetes, but every diabetic needs to collaborate with a physician for optimum care. Here are seven considerations for choosing the right doctor, that every diabetic needs to know.

The doctor diabetics see most often is their primary care physician. This is the doctor who will monitor your HbA1c and blood lipids, prescribe most medications, and take care of minor illnesses. Since fewer and fewer doctors, at least in the United States, are going into family practice, appointments are harder and harder to get. It is important to find a doctor who honors appointment times… and it's equally important that you also make a habit of showing up on time.

In the USA in 2009, the average annual earnings of a primary care physician were $201,548, according to Cejka Search, a physician placement firm. That's a lot of money, but it pales in comparison to the earnings in other specialties. The average American dermatologist, for example, earned $350,627, and the average neurosurgeon earned $548,186. Your primary care physician is likely to be sensitive about money issues, especially if he or she is a recent graduate of medical school paying off massive educational debt. Some doctors order many tests to augment their office fees.


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