How to Customize WhatsApp Notification for iOS

WhatsApp has become the most popular social messaging app at the present time. It offers users to share all kinds of documents and locations too. This social messaging app provides users to customize the basic settings of the app.

Having a lot of apps in your mobile device can lead to constant vibration and buzzing of your device due to various notifications. As a default setting, you can not differentiate the which the app got the new notification. So whenever the phone vibrates or sounds, you have to see which app got that notification and which can be hectic. This process of constant checking the phone can also lead to the addiction of mobile addition, which can harm your body at a plodding pace.

If you wish to differentiate the notifications just by sounds and the vibration pattern, then you have to make changes in the app such as WhatsApp.

If you want to change the notification sound of Whatsapp in iOS then, you have to these options by which you can differentiate:

  • By Customizing the specific contact notification
  • By Customizing all the messages notification

By Customizing the explicit contact notification

Every one of us has some people in life, from whom they talk all the time and wish to be in contact all the time. Then having a different notification tone will help you to know when you get the message. There is no limit on specifying the different notification tone to the contacts so that you can set different notification tone to every single contact on your WhatsApp. Yet setting different tones to every contact will take time, and remembering them is a more difficult task. So, if you wish to assign different ringtones to contacts, then use for specific people.

Assigning notification tone to Specific People

If you wish to assign a different tone, you have to follow these steps:

  • Open the WhatsApp.
  • Click on the Chats tab.
  • Now, you have to click on the search bar located at the top corner of the screen.
  • Search for that specific person’s contact.
  • Click on the more information button (i symbol)on the right side of the name, which will open the details about that contact.
  • Now click on the option Custom Tone.
  • Select that tone, which is suitable for you.
  • Click on the Save button.
  • After saving, whenever that person contacts you, you will hear the new selected notification tone.

Customizing the Notification for all Message

If you are very active in this social messaging app, then you should use this tactic to differentiate from the normal notification tone. This method can turn on and off whenever you wish. To apply this, you have to follow these steps:

  • Open the WhatsApp.
  • Click on the tab Settings.
  • Click on the Notifications.
  • Now you have to click on the options Show Notification toggle button to On or off under the section named Message Notifications. When the switch is green, then it is on, and when it is off, it will be off.
  • You can do this in a repeated manner.

Customizing the Sound for the Notification of Message in the iPhone

  • Open the WhatsApp.
  • Click on the tab of Settings, which is at the right bottom corner screen.
  • Click on the Notifications.
  • Click on the option of Sound, which is under the section for the Message Notifications.
  • Click on the option of the Sound that you want to set.
  • Click on the Save button.
  • After this process, the Sound of the WhatsApp notifications. It will apply for all the contacts unless any specific contact has its tone selected before.

Customizing the Group Notifications in the WhatsApp

  • Open the WhatsApp.
  • Click on the tab Settings, which is located on the right bottom corner screen.
  • Click on the Notification.
  • Click on the Option of Show notification toggle button, which is under the section of the Group Notifications.
  • Now you have to select the notification tone you want to set.
  • Then click on the Save button.
  • Following this procedure will allow you to have that specific Sound whenever there is any activity in that group.

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