iPhone app developers can now develop iOS 14 compatible apps and send them to the App Store for approval

Following the launch of iOS 14 by Apple, it has now been announced that compatible applications with OS updates can now be submitted to the App Store for approval.

The new iOS adds a ton of features to the existing interface of the operating system while allowing iOS application development companies to put their hands on developer tools, create the app and send it straight away to the App Store for approval.

According to surfaced details, approval timing for complete applications ranges from 24 hours to 48 hours. Fifty-percent of those apps that are found complete is usually reviewed within 24 hours whereas ninety-percent apps are reviewed within 48 hours. However, apps that are incomplete or maybe missing some essentials may be rejected.

iOS 14 is a plateau for mobile application developers to instigate their creativity and transform it into stunning user experience stories. With the following tools, iOS app developers can combine the features brought on by iOS 14 updates to create newer, better functioning apps. Xcode 12

Xcode 12 is the next real thing in enabling developers to pursue new app development technologies. The latest platform advances are integrated into delivering phenomenal user experiences. Xcode 12 contains:

  • Custom navigator fonts
  • Simplified code completion
  • New document tabs

Without the need to substitute a code line, Xcode 12 develops Universal apps to support Mac with Apple Silicon by default.

  • Widgets

Entice your consumers with specific functional features that give them the taste for it. Widgets deliver titbits of larger app features.

This is an entirely new feature now made available on iOS devices through this new OS update.

Users will now be able to interact with much more meaningful information outside the ecosystem of apps, right on their screens through this.

  • Dark Mode

iOS 14 lets you integrate dark mode functionality easily into your app features, controllable with Siri or Control Center. Dark mode clears the glare of the white and attracts all the focus of your consumer to your app. You might have to miss out on the feature if your app requires more time.

  • Test on Devices
  • Mobile Support

All iOS apps must support all Apple platforms so that the app takes advantage of new technology to deliver edge-to-edge display, safe areas, adaptive layout design and much more. UI issues must be tested to make sure the app delivers a stunning user experience. New apps must support all iPad and iPhone screens. Xcode 12 should be employed to take advantage of the new functions to enable developers achieve this.

  • Beta Testing

TestFlight should be used for beta testing. It will gather feedback from beta tests by uploading the app to App Store Connect and using TestFlight. It can also be used to invite other beta tests.

iOS 14 brings together an exciting array of top notch features related to privacy, user ease, app workability enhancement and a lot more. Developers can certainly gain a lot more if they leverage these features in the right manner for their upcoming apps.


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Written by Jane Collen

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