How I Experienced Failure

Life is full of successes and failures, but the opportunity to live and work is the most valuable thing people have. As a rule, successes and failures are only a matter of people’s perception. People always feel frustrated because of their failures and misfortunes, but in the course of time, they get to know whether the failure was really that disastrous or it was a valuable life lesson.

Right now I am in the cemetery near my native town where my body is buried. Everything that I have now is a big headstone with my name on it, green grass around my grave, and a lot of time to recall my past days. I had a long life, full of active work, successes, and failures both professional and personal. I used to be so upset because of my failures, but now I realize that they were opportunities to learn more, the opportunities to change my life and move further.

My first big failure was in high school. I wanted to become the president of the student council. Now, when I am looking back, my frustration because of the failure to win the vote seems like the dudgeon of a child who did not get a new toy. However, at that time, all my dreams were focused on that presidency. I considered it would make more respected among my schoolmates and teachers. I dreamed I would do a lot of interesting work in school: organizing parties, promoting students’ interests in the council of the school, and so on. I wanted to get a good experience and embellish my future CV, which of course would help me to get an interesting, well-paid job in a state administration or in such international organizations as the UNO or UNICEF. I had even a little secret dream to become a new US President and to change the world for the better. What a great dreamer I was!

Before the election, I had built up my personal team for the election campaign. My close friends agreed to help me with it. I submitted an application for participation in the election and entered the pre-electoral competition. There were many council candidates, but only two of them were really strong opponents. One of them was my classmate, a very active and popular girl, which caused me even more anxiety. My class divided into two rival groups. At the same time, I was surprised that so many people in my class were ready to vote for me.

I started the pre-electoral campaign. I had an active school life and was aware of the students’ problems. Therefore, I made my own “political” program and began to canvass. Between and after lessons, I went from class to class and tried to persuade the students to vote for me. My friends helped me with the campaign. We got in contact with the school administration and newspapermen. We published my program and the list of my future actions to implement the objectives of the program in the school newspaper, put them up on the news board, and distributed them among schoolmates. A lot of students promised to vote for me. It seemed to me that I could be the council president.

However, on the polling day, I found out that my number of votes was rather low in comparison with the results of my main opponents. I was really shocked! It appeared that the majority of people who had promised to vote for me had voted for my classmate, indeed. She became the president of the student council. At that time, I felt ashamed and disappointed. Still, as I saw later, this case was a good lesson for me. I understood that people who promise to support somebody do not always keep their promises. Moreover, if one wants to be a good leader, one must be a good team-builder, must support their teammates, and work more than they do. Finally, one does not have to be a president in order to change the world for the better. Now I'm happy that I have my job at


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