How to create an auto-reply on Yahoo mail

Of course, you will see and respond to all mail when you return. Yahoo Mail gives a good way to tell those who send you immediately so they don’t expect a response right away.

Schedule an auto-break on Yahoo mail

Have Yahoo Automatically reply to emails when you are out of the office:

  1. Move the mouse cursor over the settings symbol in Yahoo Mail.
  2. Preferred Settings in the menu that appears.
  3. Visit the category of response to vacation.
  4. Get sure Enable during these (inclusive) dates is checked under Automatic Answer.
  5. Designate the start and end date of your autoresponder under From: and To: individually.
  6. Enter the desired reply you want to send to all incoming mail under Message.
    1. It is enough to enter a note when you expect to be back and able to reply in person, or if you would prefer the messages to be re-sent if they are still relevant.
    2. You can use the toolbar to apply text formatting to your autoresponder.
  7.      7. Typically, you can leave several responses to emails from a particular field unchecked.
  8. Send an alternative message to some senders who all share one domain (say,
      1. Be certain to check for different responses to emails from a particular domain.
  9. Enter the domain senders from which they should get alternative automatic responses under the First domain.
      1. If you would like the alternate vacation response sent to all people by your organization at “”, for example, using addresses such as “”, enter “” (excluding quotes).
      2. To add another domain, enter it in the Second Domain; otherwise, get sure “0” is inserted under the Second Domain.
    1. Enter the desired automatic reply message under Message.
  10. Click Save.
  11. Yahoo The automated vacation response system will remember to whom a vacation response was sent, so recurring mailers will get only one automatic vacation response.

Schedule an auto-respond on Yahoo Mail Basic

For configuring Yahoo Mail Basic to automatically reply to incoming messages:

  1. Select Options from the Yahoo Account Information menu The upper bar of Mail Basic navigation.
  2. Click Scroll.
  3. Open the Holiday Response category.
  4. Make certain Enable auto-response during these (inclusive) dates is checked.
  5. Specify a start as well as an end date for the out-of-office automatic reply to From and to: respectively.
  6. Enter the autoresponder text under Message.
  7. Get sure, usually, that different email response from a particular domain is not checked.
  8. To send a different response to emails from a specific domain:
  9. Be certain to check for different responses to emails from a specific domain.
  10. Enter the domain senders from which they should get alternative automatic responses under the Primary domain.
  11. To add another domain, enter it under the Second Domain.
  12. Enter the wanted alternate response under Message.
  13. Click Save.

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