How to Recognize Reliable and Quality Professional Painters

How to Recognize Reliable and Quality Professional Painters


Hiring a professional to paint your home is always a good idea. First of all, they will do a better job and provide you with a better end result. Second, the work will be done a lot quicker, which means that you can return to your daily activities a lot sooner. Lastly, the amount of mess made will be nowhere as big. Now, one thing that you need to keep in mind is that all of these benefits are true if you manage to hire quality and reliable painters. Recognizing those who fall under this category is not nearly as simple as it may sound. With that in mind and without further ado, here’s how you can recognize quality professional painters.

They allow you to choose color and finish


One of the methods that some painters use to overcharge you is by charging you more for the paint, primer and finish. Keep in mind that there’s already a great discrepancy when it comes to the type of color (flat is a lot less expensive per gallon than its gloss counterpart). This is why finding painters that will allow you to pick the color and finish before putting a deposit or signing a contract may save you a small fortune. Of course, there are those who would refuse such a deal; however, this tells you exactly where they stand and encourages you to look for professional assistance someplace else.

The price of additional coats

Another thing worth mentioning is the fact that the condition of the wall in question may mandate a certain number of coats. A professional painter should be able to tell how many coats it will take straight away; however, there are some who deliberately make a false estimation in order to charge you extra for an additional coat. This is why a trustworthy painter will agree to a price of an additional coat before they even start painting. This way, you will know exactly what to expect, even if there’s a need for some extra work.

Local reputation

Due to the fact that you’ll mostly be restricted to looking for local help, what you need to figure out is the reputation of the agency in question. Ideally, you would look for WOM recommendations, yet, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Another thing you can do is look for reputable painters in your area and check their online ratings and reviews. For instance, if you’re planning to paint your NSW home, what you should do is look for painters in the Sydney area and see what kind of reputation they have. This way, you can use the experiences of others to make a safer, smarter choice.


The details of the bid

Lastly, you need to understand that while you’re negotiating, you want to know as many details as possible. A painter that’s trying to scam you will offer no additional details and they might even avoid answering further questions when asked about it. All that they’ll talk about is the flat price and the number of coats. What they’ll deliberately ignore, on the other hand, are issues like the drywall damage, corner beads, tape seams, demi-glossing paint, etc. So, try to get as many details as possible but also prepare by doing your own research before the negotiations.

In conclusion

At the end of the day, one of the biggest paradoxes about hiring professionals is the fact that you’re looking for someone who knows more about you on the subject matter, which would make it quite easy for them to exploit your own lack of knowledge for their own profit. Fortunately, with these four simple tips on your side, you can make this a lot less likely.


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