Vastu Dos And Don’ts For A Successful Career

Our careers are the culmination of a successful time spent learning the key skills all our lives and then using them to secure our place in society. However, this is not where everything turns merry and you spend the rest of your life happily ever after. As per the best Vastu tips for office in Hindi, the real struggle to success begins after you set your foot inside the professional life. And to help you in this, Vastu Shastra will provide you with the necessary Dos and Don’ts of Office Vastu.

Vastu Shastra is all about the interaction between a person and their environment. A positive environment will bring success in job and personal life, while a negative environment will only degrade your quality of life, affecting your work life as well. Here are some great ways to bring Vastu Shastra in your favour.

Dos Of Career Vastu Shastra

  • If there is a wall behind you when you work, it represents support. Make sure that you hang the picture of a mountain on the back wall for an added amount of support to your career.

  • Open space ahead of you means that you have a lot of room to be creative and it brings new and better ideas.

  • Always keep the furniture in square or rectangular shapes. Also, wooden furniture is the best option.

  • While at the subject of furniture, broken or damaged furniture should never be kept in the office as it brings negative energy. If you are sitting on broken or damaged furniture, discard it or get it repaired as soon as possible.

  • Leaky taps and running water is a bad sign.

  • Keep your workspace well lit. A number of people prefer to work in less lights these days. However, that is not good for your career. Always ensure that your space is always well lit.

  • Most importantly, try to find chairs that have high backs. Not only is this good for your back’s health, but they also signify support, which is an important part of success.

Don’ts of Career Vastu Shastra

  • Sitting under a beam while working is a big no-no.

  • Do not sit with your back towards the entrance door of the place where you are working.

  • Avoid placing a picture, scenery, or a poster depicting water bodies on the back wall as it denotes lack of support. Also avoid any pictures of a conflict like war, violence, and crying baby.

  • Avoid sitting cross-legged in the office.

  • Clutter in the office, especially on the desk is bad for your career and removing the clutter every now and then is one of the best office vastu remedies that you can get for your career.

  • Metal or plastic furniture should be avoided.

  • If you have a home office, then make sure that the bedroom and the office are not adjacent to each other as you don’t want the vibes to mix with each other.

  • Working in dark or poorly lit environments is strongly advised against.

Your success is in your hands, and by following a few general guidelines of career Vastu Shastra, you can turn your life around quite nice. Welcome your success with good Vastu today.


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