How To Set Up Your Kitchen In A New Home

Moving to a new home is not a cakewalk for everyone. You have to do a lot of work, such as collecting boxes and packing items as per their usage, as you plan to move to a new place, new home. After that, you have to organize the things you have brought to your new place.

While organizing the things in your new home, you have to take care of every room and place the associated things there. Organizing your goods in the kitchen is also a part of organizing the things in your new home. And here are some useful ideas that can help you in setting up your kitchen:

Unpack the box marked as kitchen

In your relocation to your new abode, you would have marked the boxes with your room names. Similarly, you have a box that contains the objects related to your kitchen. Carry that box to your kitchen and open the same. After unpacking the box, gently take out all the things from the box.

Start with the basics

Dishes and serving sets are the items that you should place in a drawer close to the dishwasher. If your new home hasn’t got a dishwasher, think about placing dishes, plates, bowls and serving sets in different drawers close to your kitchen sink. Placing them into the drawers close to the sink makes your job taking them out for serving meals and storing the same after washing more comfortable for you.

Store spices, grains, tea, and coffee

For each item, you should have a dedicated jar or container. For spices, you should have small to mid jars and store specific spice into a specific jar. You should have large containers to store particular grains. Similarly, you should have dedicated bottles or jars for storing tea or coffee. You can opt for a bamboo tea box if you use tea bags for making tea. Such a box comes with several compartments that facilitate storing tea as per their flavors.

Do safe storage of knives and utensils

Whether you have to store knives, spoons, and other utensils, having kitchen drawer organizers will be very beneficial for you. A kitchen drawer organizer helps you keep your knives, spoons, and utensils organized in the respective drawer and minimize the chance of damages to them.

Place cookbooks, oversized bowls, and wine safely

If there is a cabinet just above your refrigerator in the kitchen, open the cabinet doors and add a wine rack or separate shelves for storing your cookbooks and wine bottles. Having wine/beer just over the refrigerator eases you to take out the bottles and place inside the fridge before using the same.

Place pots, pans, and cooking appliances

You should place your cooking appliances, pans, and pots close to your gas or electric stove. Such an arrangement will facilitate you taking out the respective cookware easily when you need them in cooking meals.

Ensure a place for everything

It’s your kitchen and it’s you who have to keep the things organized there. As per your need, designate a place and keep the respective one at the designated place.


In your kitchen setup in your new home, you are in hurry to keep the things at places so that you can start living there. As you start living, you realize that you need to organize the things again as per your current usage needs. Do it on weekends to make your new home look clean and organized.


Setting a kitchen in your new home is not a very hard job. You already have objects and an idea on those objects that you have brought to your new place from the previous one. As per your usage need, you should use the available resources to store everything properly. Buy additional items if the available resources fall short to set up the kitchen in a new home.


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Written by Mia Tucker


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