How to Treat a Wrinkled Area Rug?

Did you just find an old Gabbeh handmade rug in your attic that would look perfect with your existing interior décor?

But what if it’s wrinkled or creased?

Well, in some cases, a bit of gravity is all the rug needs to flatten out the curves. However, there are instances when you need to try reverse-rolling the rug, have it steamed, or apply a little heat at home to make it wrinkle-free.

Read on to find out how to treat a wrinkled area rug!

Tips on How to Flatten Out Your Rug

While its mostly old Serapi rugs found in an attic that ends to have a crease, you may find a clump or a bit of wrinkle in a new piece that you bought from a collection of Serapi rugs online.

The question is, how to make your rug wrinkle-free?

Here’s are some great tips:

  • Let the Gravity Work

This would work fairly well if your handmade Gabbeh rug is new and has a bit of wrinkle from the journey home.

Just lie the rug flat on the hard floor and wait for the wrinkles to go away in about two days.

  • Try Back-Rolling the Rug

If you the carpet was rolled when you found it, try back-rolling to make it crease-free.

For this, just unroll the carpet and roll it in the opposite direction. Wait for some days before unrolling the rug again.

  • Make Use of Something Heavy

Place a heavy stack of books or a piece of furniture on the wrinkles to get rid of them.

If the corners of your rug are curled, try curling them backward, then flatten the rug and place weight just on the corners.

  • Apply Some Heat

If weight and gravity techniques are not working, it’s time to let the heat come to the rescue.

For this, lie your rug over a clean slab of concrete or asphalt. You can lie the rug flat in your driveway during the sunniest hours of the day. Usually, it may take 1-2 hours for the sun’s heat to work the wrinkles out.

If you can’t find a sunny spot, flip your rug and apply heat using a hairdryer. However, when you’re doing this, remember to hold the hair dryer at least 6-9 inches away from the rug, or else it may cause damage.

  • Tape the Rug Down

You can easily find double-sided carpet tape in furniture stores or online. Use the tape to tape your rug down on the flat, hard floor.

Make sure the rug is taped smoothly so that the creases can flatten over-time.

  • Go for a Stretcher

If nothing else works, you can always get help from a professional carpet expert.

Professionals know how to stretch a Ziegler rug to get rid of any stubborn wrinkles or creases, without causing any damage to the rug fabric.

Also, you can get your carpet steamed, which is another great way of removing rug wrinkles.


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