7 Points to Consider When Choosing Promotional USB Drive

A USB drive is a crucial tool for carrying important files or transferring data from one device to another. No matter you are a student or a business professional, a USB drive allows you to keep your documents and essential files always with you.

In recent years, custom-designed USB flash drives have become popular and effective promotional tools for many businesses. Business owners are using it as a promotional item to gift it to all their customers or to reward the loyal ones during the festive season. If you are a businessman and thinking of considering USB drives in your promotional activity, you need to have a sound knowledge about the same. 

Here are some essential points that you should look for:

1. Quality

You should value the quality of the pen drive even you are going to present it as a gift to your employees, clients, or associates. In the market, you come across USB drives of several standard and substandard brands. Get the standard one made by Samsung, Intel, Hynix, and Micron. Buying standard USB drives and presenting the same as promotional items to your customers and associates will create a value to your business.    

2. Storage

For personalized USB drives, you should give importance to the storage capacity. The pen drive should have ideal space so that people can use it for their data transfer or documents carrying. Usually, pen drives have space from 512 MB to 32 GB. In your business advertisement, you should use the USB drives of at least 1GB.

3. Design

For custom USB drives, the design is crucial. It does not mean that your personalized USB drives should have a heavy design. To make your business promotion fruitful, keep the design on your customized USB drives eye-catchy but straightforward.

4. Printing and engraving

The market around you has numerous engraving options, including screen printing, laser engraving, and photo printing. Each method of printing/engraving is suitable for particular items. You need to talk to experienced professionals to decide which engraving option is better for USB drives. Whatever the option you select, the printing of your business name with its logo on pen drives must be clear so that people can quickly identify you and your company. Precise engraving will help you spread your business.

5. Colours

Selecting a unique colour for your personalized pen drives is also vital for you. You can choose the best one from a wide range of colour pigments based on your choice and business nature. The selection of the right colour will help you reflect your organization and advertise your business.  

6. Style

Pen drives are available in a wide variety of styles that can meet your marketing purposes. In your search, you can come across USB drives in different styles, such as cards, lanyards, sliders, and swivels. Select the most suitable style.

7. Price

The cost of personalized USB drives is also a point you should consider. A pen drive of a particular brand is available with different price tags at different physical as well as online stores. Make a comparison of prices to get the best one at a lower cost before using USB drives for your business promotion.  


Custom USB drives are an excellent promotional item for businesses advertisement. It will work for you when you use optimum pen drives with eye-catchy designs and clear business name with its logo.


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Written by Mila James

I am a music and multimedia producer, worked with many local and international companies. I have expertise in the creation of motion, still graphics and also deals in disc copies, duplication, and replication.


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