Re-target Your Audience for Increased Brand Positioning

It is estimated that only 2% of click-through first-time website visitors on an online store make a purchase and about 96% of all website visitors visit when they’re ready to buy. Additionally, many marketers have estimated that a potential buyer will purchase after an average of seven interactions.

Re-targeting allows you to target potential buyers on different phases of the sales funnel with a tailored message that further convinces the prospect to take an action to purchase. Over the years, this has grown to be a very effective method in achieving sales.

Another benefit is that it aids with brand positioning, whereas your potential buyers would constantly be seeing your brand name and reminded of the products, services, and value you offer on different sites visited. The more memorable your brand is, the more likely you’ll convert potential customers or even a re-purchase from an existing customer.

Some brands will even promote a special offer to a re-targeted list to get them to re-engage with the brand in some way. Once your re-targeting lists are categorized based on where your customers are in the sales funnel, you can work on creative messages that would appeal to each category to inspire an action.

In conclusion, since the majority of people who first visit your website are not ready to make a purchase decision, retargeting increases the chances of reaching people who are finally ready to buy. This also increases your success rate as your re-targeting ad narrows the audience down to the most interested visitors who haven’t yet converted, thus making it a cost-effective solution.

Have you ever applied re-targeting efforts with your business?

Let’s help you reach potential buyers at the right phase in the sales funnel to increase your ROI.


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Written by EDESIGN Agency

The company was started by Ahmed H. Taibah and Yousef H. AlDabbagh, two friends who studied at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM). They set up EDESIGN immediately after graduating, starting with just one desk, one PC and one service – web design.
From those beginnings, the company has grown and prospered. In 2007 they moved into new offices, where they are still located. Today the company consists of more than 40 employees. The services EDESIGN offers range from the latest in Digital Development (website design & development including advanced e-commerce websites to mobile apps) & Digital Marketing (social media management, Ads & Campaigns & videos).


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