Advantages and risks of a company entry on Wikipedia

Creating an entry of your company on Wikipedia may seem easy, but it’s not. It is a never ending process. In particular, overly positive wiki articles are quickly deleted or corrected. Sometimes even so critical that as an entrepreneur I have to ask myself whether the contribution is still good for your image.

Wikipedia is mercilessly democratic in the spirit of the inventor. All users can edit a company article and the end result is almost never identical to the original version. In many cases, company contributions are fairly balanced after some time.

At the same time, this means that a major scandal in the company's history will eventually land on Wiki.

Larger companies have their own employees in the PR department, who regularly monitor the changes on Wikipedia and correct them if necessary. Because the competition also has access to my entry and maybe wants to highlight my weaknesses. But if you have just thought about creating an entry or an article about your company on Wikipedia, you must count on Wikipedia Experts for hire. It’s the best thing to do so far.

Real wars of argument on the platform.

For beginners, it is advisable to keep company contributions short and sweet. The more neutral the description appears, the fewer reasons other users have to formulate counter-notifications or criticisms.


Wikipedia does not see itself as a marketing platform and therefore it is difficult for companies to get their own entry there. However, those who meet the relevance criteria for companies and act strategically have good chances of being mentioned and linked in the online encyclopedia. Advertising descriptions often fail or provoke image-damaging reactions that, in the worst case, remain online for years. Instead, a neutral presence with a link to Wikipedia is recommended, which can already have a very positive effect on online marketing.


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