Choosing the right visual elements for your business sign

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Visual elements are the most critical factor of a business sign. These elements are primarily comprised of the business logo and the business design along with the background colour. You should choose the right visual elements in order to be able to properly convey your business message to the audience.


The logo is a a singular design which will reflect the core message of your business venture and signify the products and services which you want to sell to the audience.

Background colour

Choose a bright color which the audience will be able to easily recognize from far away.

Textual Elements

The textual elements comprise the main copy which will complement the visual element of your business sign. Essentially a business sign without a copy can seem vague to many people who may not understand what exactly you want to convey and hence, you need to add a short textual copy to convey the message in a more wholesome manner. There are certain factors which need to be considered when you make your textual elements like font size, number of words and word spacing.

Font Size

The font size which you use should be optimum. It must not be either too big or too small. It has to be easily readable from a large distance so that when people pass by your business establishment, they would be able to see it and understand the information which you want to convey.

Number of words

The number of words which you use needs to be very limited. At best, you should try to limit it within five words. When you use too many words, then chances are that people will not even read them. Remember, you are aiming to convey your business information to the audience through a single glance. In a single glance, people will have just a few seconds to process your information. Hence, focus more on the visual element and less on the textual factor so you must use only a few words to convey your information.

Word Spacing

The word spacing needs to be big, so that people can understand the different words from a large distance away. It must not be too close because then the text can appear too congested.

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The visual elements which you put up in your business sign are a crucial aspect of your overall success. The visual elements help in successfully communicating with the public the core message of your business venture. So, if you want to effectively convey to the public that the business products and services which you have are good for them, then you must use a strong combination of photos and texts. Along with these the background colours also need to be suitably used. A professional business sign shop can do all these for you in an effortless manner.


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