Reasons to Choose Custom USB Drives for Your Business

Custom designed USB drives are as omnipresent as pens and coffee mugs for marketers, as almost all people use them. They can be spotted on the desk in an office and somewhere in a house for file storage, data protection, and other specific requirements, apart from file transfers.

Here are some reasons that can help you comprehend why to choose custom USB drives for your business:

More storage space

In the initial years, they had a lower storage capacity, around 8 MB of data. Over time, their storage capacity has increased a lot, and now, they are available with several different storage capacities, from 1 to 32 GB or even more. In your business operations, you have to keep numerous documents or files handy. At that time, you need more space for the storage of your valuable business information that you can fulfill by shopping more flash drives than one.

Giveaways for a new trade show

You are always looking for ways that can help you expand your business further, even if you are growing it steadily. For this, you love attending industry events and trade shows. You can hand over new custom USB drives to people passing by your table or booth in an upcoming event or trade show. They will stop for a while to know you and your business in detail when you hand over a USB drive to each of them.

Rebranding your company

In your business operation, you add new products/services to your catalog. To disclose what changes you have made or what updates you have brought, you decide to rebrand your business with a new icon, logo. In rebranding your company, you need to ensure that you are in line with your new business look while handing over USB sticks to your associates, employees, or clients. USB drives with a fresh look matter a lot in rebranding your organization.

New customers

All of you want to add new customers with each passing day, week, month, or year while running your organization. You have unlimited hunger for the addition of new clients, as it ensures a new income source. Typically, you welcome your novel patrons with promotional items that can be useful and effective for your business promotion at a lower cost. Presenting a personalized USB drive with preloaded business information will be beneficial for you.

Work-From-Home (WFH) Staff

You will have telecommuting employees and freelancers in and around your world if you are a start-up business owner. In the early days, you have no resources to pay these skilled professionals who are helping you to make your business grow. Further, you have to transfer files to freelances or WFH employees that you can’t do via email due to data amount and security concerns. By handing over custom pen drives, you can make this task more comfortable for you.


Custom USB drives are an excellent item whether you need more space to store data, rebrand your business, hand over a welcome gift to a new customer, transfer files to WFH staff and use giveaways at the tradeshow. You can get such a useful business promotional product from a professional provider.  


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Written by Mila James

I am a music and multimedia producer, worked with many local and international companies. I have expertise in the creation of motion, still graphics and also deals in disc copies, duplication, and replication.


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