How to write the best SEO Case Study?

Digital Marketing Case Study is an interesting way to motivate your customers and gain their confidence. SEO Case Study helps your audience to know many important details about the technicalities of digital marketing services. It takes a lot of patience and careful observation of details to ‘write digital marketing case study’ that makes a significant impact among the readers. Read on to find out how to write the best SEO Case Study in this blog. 

1. Why is Digital Marketing Case Study important?

A case study refers to a story in the first place. We all have grown up listening to and watching many stories. So, psychologically, humans tend to connect with stories easily. The logical fact being, in a case study, when a story is being narrated, readers tend to connect with the characters and will observe closely what each character does in the story. 

Let’s say a character in the case study faces some kind of issue/challenge and takes mind-blowing steps to face and solve the issue/challenge and if the readers of the case study find themselves in similar situations, they tend to make hints of the steps that the characters followed to solve that particular issue/challenge. This is why a digital marketing case study is pretty important. 

2. Importance of narrating an interesting SEO Case Study

A case study is basically a story and the way to make it interesting is by working on the way it is narrated. A real-life story, say, your own success story will have so many incidents and situations that are worth mentioning while narrating the story. It may not seem so important when you see the bigger picture, but remember that it is the close observation of details that makes a huge difference. So, when you sit down to tell your story to your readers, you need to pay attention to the plot first and then try to break it down in order to narrate it dramatically. For it is the way you tell your story makes it the best SEO case study. 

3. Building blocks of a good Digital Marketing Case Study

The important catch in narrating a convincing SEO case study is that you need to keep your readers engaged at the same time and make sure that you deliver valuable takeaways through the digital marketing case study. That depends exclusively on the way you ‘write digital marketing case study’ because you need to make the reader visualize what they are reading and that needs to be engaging and rich in information that they are seeking in the first place. Building blocks of a good digital marketing case study can be broken down into the following parts:

3.1. Informative and Engaging Introduction – Goal Definition

There is this popular saying which says, ‘If the first step is crooked, the end result is gonna be crooked too’, which is logically true and makes perfect sense. That is why many people have starting problems. You need to be very careful when you narrate the starting or the introduction of a digital marketing case study because you need to pull your readers into your case study in the first place. And for that, you need to write/narrate the starting of the story of your case study in such a way that it pulls your readers into the case study. Tips to write an engaging and informative introduction:

  • Introduce the characters and talk about their whereabouts and day-to-day activities. 

  • Define clearly the objective/goal that the lead character wants to achieve badly in his/her life

  • Talk about the associated characters and their impact on the lead character if they contribute to the whole plot significantly. 

3.2. Challenges in attaining the Goal – Competitors and Personal Issues

Now, once the readers of your SEO case study are pulled into the engaging introduction, the next step is to deliver them a gripping body of the story. Here is where you need to be more careful because if you don’t get to depict the challenges faced, you will get to lose the interest of the reader. So, you need to depict the pain points that the character goes through. This is due to the point that it is through the issues/ pain points, your readers will be able to connect with the SEO case study. Tips to portray the challenges faced by the lead character to attain the goal:

  • Pinpoint the core issue faced by a character in attaining the goal

  • Explain the technical issues faced by the character

  • Mention about the competitors and the character’s personal issue that hinders the character from attaining the goal.

  • Try to portray the raw difficulty literally.

  • Highlight the failed efforts

  • Point out the determination steps of the character in attaining his/her goal.

Now, when you concentrate on these points, you will be able to draw the reader closer to the character and compare their problems with the character’s problems. That is how your reader will be able to grasp the takeaways from your blog in the end.

3.3 Falling and getting back again  many times until reaching the goal in the end

The growth curve of anyone has never ever been a straight line. There is always a crest and trough in the growth graph. You need to highlight the ups and downs of the character and write in detail the steps that the character took to propel towards his/her goal amidst the adverse conditions. Focus clearly on the solutions that the character adhered to in the journey towards his/her goal. Tips to enrich your audience with the information that they were seeking in the first place:

  • Clearly point out each and every technical step that the character takes in order to attain the goal

  • Highlight the pain points faced by the character at each and every step of the journey towards his/her goal

  • Write down the failures in detail

  • Highlight the positive steps that the character takes up and the technical solutions that solve his/her issues. 

  • Portray multiple options available and highlight why the character chose a particular problem-solving mechanism.

The above-discussed points will help you to cover most of the technical pieces of information in detail which are the most important takeaways that a reader can expect out of your SEO case study in the first place. 

4. Ensure that your Digital Marketing Case Study is SEO friendly

So, now that you have got an idea of how to ‘write digital marketing case study’ that is pretty convincing, you need to ensure that it is SEO friendly because that is one of the primary reasons why you put in so much effort into blogging and especially into an SEO case study. Fish for the keywords that go hand in hand with the theme of your SEO case study. Use those keywords in your digital marketing case study. Make sure that you do not overstuff those keywords, but at the same time try to maintain the essence of using the keywords effectively. By ensuring that your digital marketing case study is SEO friendly, you are optimizing it for better ranking by Google, which is obviously your ultimate goal at the end of writing a digital marketing case study. 

5. Remember, a picture speaks a thousand words while you ‘write digital marketing case study’

It is crucial that you maintain the right balance of the visual and verbose content while you pen down an SEO case study. When readers find a blog that is too wordy, they tend to lose interest 


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