Scope of Residential Real Estate During & Post COVID 19 Pandemic

The definition of what a house is and what it means has always evolved over time. The unknown ocean we are in further emphasizes its importance. As a long-term investment tool, the concrete dimension of housing as a long-term investment tool has never been stronger. This is considered one of the best and safest investment options in the current scenario. It can be just a physical asset, but it is often associated with intangible emotional value. That in itself is a good reason to invest in residential real estate.

Here are some reasons why this is the best time to invest in residential real estate.

Tangible assets and financial security:

Owning a home is one of the most important and biggest financial investments. Moreover, because the home is a direct tangible asset, future economic security also provides investors with a physical sense of security.

The property increment value increases over time:

Gold and wealth are the most well-known assets in the world, as they are constantly increasing in value. Real estate has various factors that define the value of real estate-land, place, time, infrastructure development, interest rates, and so on. Properties with advanced features in prime or future locations are a good choice. It promises high returns to individuals who invest in a particular property both in terms of rent or full sale.

Safer investment options:

The stock market, the current volatility of mutual funds, and the rate of interest setback on traditional (financial) savings tools have made Home one of the more feasible investment options (in the current scenario). Prices do not fluctuate overnight due to market fluctuations, and they are relatively low risk and open to diversification possibilities.

Fixed income:

A real estate investment can generate more revenue effectively than it costs to finance it. The current unprecedented socio-economic environment has led to greater financial discipline, especially in terms of cash flow in business operations. Being a landlord and lending out the property you own will give you a stable cash flow, even in the uncertain times we are today.

According to a report jointly published by and the National Real Estate Development Council (NAREDCO), a self-regulatory body in residential urban areas, 35% prefer to invest in real estate over gold, Real estate is the most preferred investment option, as it holds the 22%-time deposit and 16% of the stock. Homes have always been valued. From ancient times, owning a home provides emotional and material comfort. The fundamental benefits, especially the intrinsic value that a house brings to its owner. It has always been one of the safest and most reliable investment options.

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Written by kamal prakash

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