How to Market Your Travel Agency’s Brand on Facebook?

Travel agencies generally inspire people to explore the world and enjoy their lives. Today, since social media has become an integral part of people's lives, most agencies use Facebook marketing to inspire their viewers to travel to wonderful destinations on special occasions and holidays. 

On their Facebook page, the agencies showcase several different themes, budget-friendly travel destinations, unique and most popular places, less explored travel destinations, scenic, serene spots, waterfalls, trekking spots, historic importance, picturesque landscapes, and so on.

Plus, they display the current discounts, seasonal offers and free passes every now and then. This is what makes them grow popular, and helps them gain their customers' trust.

Now, let's see other interesting ways that you can use Facebook marketing if you're a travel agency or Tour company. Listed are some pointers to help you market your travel agency brand through Facebook marketing:

#1 Flash Your Deals – As we discussed above, the first thing every tour company must do is attract travelers on Facebook by flashing their special deals, coupons, or unique giveaway as it can ring bells in their minds.

#2 Notify about Upcoming Events – If any big event like a trade show, concert, travel expo, client appreciation party, or exhibition, is about to be held soon in the town, target the city's local customers and share details about these special events. Notify them about the venue, date, timing and ticket costs. It will help you grow your customer base even faster.

#3 Run Contests or Surveys – Facebook is a great medium to run ads, surveys and contests. Not just travel agencies but other brands and niches are already using Facebook marketing to run surveys and polling.

It not only increases the engagement of followers but also generates trust between your brand/company and potential or existing customers. 

#4 Use UGC – UGC stands for User Generated Content in form of testimonials, reviews, audio or video feedback. It is a great way to put on your client experience and good work out there to gain more trust and followers. 

Not just reviews, the travel agencies can also ask their clients to share some of their travel photos/videos, or share their memories on your Facebook page and share your posts within their circle. It will make your Facebook feed look colorful, interesting, credible and help you reach out to more people.

Apart from the listed ideas, there are several other technical ways to grow your brand online. It includes Facebook ads, SEO, Content marketing and PPC etc. Visit for more information on a complete digital marketing strategy for your tour company.


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