Meghan McCain Storms Off ‘The View’ After Ana Navarro Tells Her ‘Don’t Scream At Me’: See Shocking Fight



September 20, 2019 2:01PM EDT


Meghan McCain and Ana Navarro went OFF on each other during what may be one of the most heated fights on ‘The View’ to date!

Meghan McCain and Ana Navarro went into the weekend with a massive fight on The View, leaving the audience truly shocked about what they witnessed go down. During the first Hot Topic on the September 20 episode, Meghan and Ana got into a screaming match while discussing Donald Trump‘s whistleblower scandal. Meghan took offense to the CNN commentator, who was filling in for Whoopi Goldberg, saying that everyone in the Trump administration “actually impacted” by the allegation “would like for this to go away.” Meghan freaked TF out, yelling, “all Americans are impacted by this.” The women began talking over each other in a heated debate, ending with Ana eventually saying, “Don’t scream at me; I’m two feet away!”

The show went to commercial break, with Meghan taking a sip of her water before storming offstage. She was clearly taken aback by the audience laughing at Ana’s remark, and it probably didn’t help that they reacted in the same matter when she walked off. The spat began with Joy Behar asking the women if they thought Nancy Pelosi should impeach the president in light of the revelation that Trump secretly corresponded with a leader of a foreign nation (thought to be Ukraine). Meghan made a callback to earlier this month, when she called Wi

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