‘This Is Us’ Recap: Kevin Meets Cassidy & Toby Reveals His Weight Loss Secret To Kate



October 8, 2019 10:16PM EDT


Kevin meets Cassidy for the first time while helping Nicky get his life together during the Oct. 8 episode of ‘This Is Us.’ Plus, Toby comes clean to Kate.

Before he threw that chair threw the window, Nicky was in a pretty good place. He was going to therapy and slowly started opening up to a therapist that he trusted. However, that progress takes a steep decline when the therapist tells him that she was being transferred. Nicky is devastated and starts drinking again. He throws the chair through the window while wasted. He’s sleeping it off when Kevin comes knocking. Kevin goes to talk to someone about trying to lessen Nicky’s sentence or even getting him pardoned. Kevin sure does love being the hero.

In the past, it’s the first day of seventh grade for seventh grade. He’s so excited to meet his new teacher, Mr. Lawrence, and rock his new Air Jordans. But Randall Pearson is not abiding by the dress code and Mr. Lawrence writes him up for it. Randall is shocked and begins to have a panic attack. Randall calls the house and Kevin answers. Randall is still breathing heavily and Kevin agrees to meet him. Kevin races to his brother’s side to help out. He signs the slip so Jack and Rebecca will never know Randall got in trouble.

Meanwhile, Jack makes a mistake at work and it costs him his job. When Jack tells Miguel, Miguel goes to bat for his best friend. He threatens to leave the company unless Jack stays employed. Miguel’s gesture means the world to Jack. Miguel and Jack are truly friendship goals.

Randall goes to work and has people in all day just to hear their complaints. He wants to help people but one of the women working for him — Denise — doesn’t think he’s going about being councilman in the right way. Denise tells him that he needs to fire Jae-won. Randall feels disrespected and fires Denise on the spot.

Kate goes to dinner with Toby and some of the people he’s working with and things get awkward very fast. When the hostess takes them to a booth, Toby tries to move somewhere else. Kate knows she ca

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