Watch: VFX Video for ‘Gemini Man’ Show the De-Aging of Will Smith


by Alex Billington
October 20, 2019
Source: YouTube


Sony released Ang Lee’s new sci-fi action movie Gemini Man in theaters a few weeks ago. Aside from the HFR cinematography, the film is boasting “groundbreaking” technology with its de-aging VFX. Gemini Man is about the world’s best assassin, played by Will Smith at his current age (51), attempting to retire until he’s pursued by a younger version of himself. He soon learns that they actually cloned him, and this younger “Junior” is exactly like him in every way. To create this character, Ang Lee filmed Will Smith in a motion-capture rig (with face-capture cameras) and then let the VFX artists work on their computers to de-age him. A few videos have arrived online over the last few weeks explaining the process, and showing before/after shots as well as a glimpse as the techniques they’re using. I highly doubt these videos will convince anyone to see the movie, but they’re fascinating to watch nonetheless because it’s an advance process. Most of the de-aging VFX work was done by Weta Digital in New Zealand, still the best at what they do. Watch below.

Here’s the VFX breakdown featurette more featurettes for Ang Lee’s Gemini Man, direct from YouTube:

Gemini Man Poster

You can watch the first trailer for Ang Lee’s Gemini Man here, and the behind-the-scenes or second trailer.

To read more on Gemini Man and its VFX, head to Techcrunch or Variety. Lee says: “I have to deliver action and spectacle — I’m delighted to do it — but I think the biggest gain [is] studying the human face close up.”

Henry Brogen (Will Smith), an aging assassin attempting to exit his career, finds himself going against a younger clone of himself who can predict his every move. Gemini Man is directed by acclaimed Taiwanese filmmaker Ang Lee, director of many great films including The Wedding Banquet, Sense and Sensibility, The Ice Storm, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Hulk, Brokeback Mountain, Lust, Caution, Life of Pi,

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