Watch: Bank Vault Sci-Fi Short Film ‘Box 616’ Directed by Mitch Glass


by Alex Billington
October 21, 2019
Source: YouTube


“What I’m about to tell you will not make sense right now… But I’ll explain.” Dust has premiered a new sci-fi short film titled Box 616, a proof-of-concept short written & directed by filmmaker Mitch Glass – who made this with only three people and less than $1,000 budget. It’s a solid, captivating, genre short that ends with a good twist. After his father’s death, Malcolm inherits an old bank vault that couldn’t be opened for 70 years. Inside, he finds a strange device and a recording asking him to complete a series of requests. Box 616 stars Nick Rua and Gary Bristow. This short is all about the concept – mixing a handful of genres with a dash of originality. Makes me wish they’d make National Treasure as a sci-fi thriller with clues like this box.

Box 616 Short Film

Thanks to Mitch for the tip on this / originally debuted by Dust. Original description from Dust’s YouTube: “Malcolm inherits a bank vault that contains classified government documents and an audio recording that urges him to complete a series of requests.” Box 616 is written and directed by American filmmaker Mitch Glass – to see more of his work, visit his Vimeo page or official website. Produced by Ryan Sadler and Mitch Glass. With cinematography by Ryan Sadler. G

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