Lori Harvey Arrested For Hit & Run After Car Accident In Beverly Hills


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October 21, 2019 2:15PM EDT

Lori Harvey was arrested on October 20 after hitting a car in Beverly Hills and fleeing the scene of the accident, the Beverly Hills PD confirms.

UPDATE 2:17 p.m ET, 10/21/19: TMZ has obtained photos from the crash site, which show Lori’s G-Wagon flipped over on its side. A huge crowd was seen gathering around the wreck. The other car is smashed in from behind. Luckily, it appears that Lori was not injured, as she could be seen checking on her phone while standing near police officers in one of the photos from the scene.

UPDATE 1:07pm ET, 10/21/19: Beverly Hills police provided HollywoodLife a statement about Lori Harvey’s arrest, writing, “On 10/20/19 at 9:48PM the Beverly Hills Police Department received a report of a traffic collision in the 200-block of Moreno Drive. A sedan was traveling north on Moreno when it collided with an unoccupied parked vehicle. No injuries were reported. When police arrived, the driver of the sedan had left the scene of the collision. The driver, determined to be Lori Harvey, was ultimately contacted by police in the area. Due to the fact that Harvey left the scene of the collision without providing her information or contacting police as required by law, and caused a delayed in the police investigation, she was cited for misdemeanor hit and run (20002(a) CA Vehicle Code) and obstructing/delaying a police officer (148(a)(1) CA Penal Code).  Harvey is scheduled to appear at the Airport Courthouse on 01/21/2020.”

ORIGINAL: Steve Harvey‘s stepdaughter, model Lori Harvey, was arrested on October 20 after being involved in a hit and run car accident. Beverly H

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