Trailer for Lone Scherfig’s ‘The Kindness of Strangers’ with Zoe Kazan


by Alex Billington
October 23, 2019
Source: YouTube


“Are we homeless?” eOne Films has released the first official UK trailer for The Kindness of Strangers, the latest film by Danish filmmaker Lone Scherfig (An Education, One Day, The Riot Club, Their Finest). This first premiered at the Berlin Film Festival earlier this year as the opening night film, but unfortunately it was panned by pretty much everyone. The ensemble drama is one of those films where various characters around a city eventually all come together. The main character is a young woman named Clara, played by Zoe Kazan, who takes her kids and runs away from an abusive husband who also happens to be a cop. She finds solace in “the kindness of strangers”, staying at a shelter and at a church while she tries to figure out what to do. Also stars Andrea Riseborough, Tahar Rahim, Caleb Landry Jones, Jay Baruchel, Bill Nighy, and David Dencik. This film has a good heart, and tries to be meaningful, but I wish it was better.

Here’s the first official trailer ( poster) for Lone Scherfig’s The Kindness of Strangers, from YouTube:

The Kindness of Strangers Poster

Clara (Zoe Kazan) arrives in wintry New York with her two sons on the back seat of her car. The journey, which she has disguised as an adventure for her children’s sake, is soon revealed to be an escape from an abusive husband and father. He is a cop, and Clara is desperately trying to elude his attempts to pursue her. The three have little more than their car, and when this is towed away, they are left penniless on the street. But the big city shows mercy: in their search for refuge, the family meets a selfless nurse named Alice who arranges beds for them at an emergency shelter. While stealing food at a Russian restaurant called ‘Winter Palace’, Clara meets an ex-con,

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