First Trailer for Wacky Indie Sci-Fi Comedy Film ‘Robot Awakening’


by Alex Billington
November 6, 2019
Source: YouTube


“RoboCop, Roboshmop… here comes a Robokid!” High Octane Pictures has debuted an official trailer for a super wacky, indie sci-fi film from Israel called Robot Awakening. Sometimes low budget, funky sci-fi comedies turn out good, sometimes they don’t. This is the latter. The film was once known as OMG, I’m a Robot! and it first premiered at film festivals way back in 2016. The comedy is about a guy who randomly discovers he’s actually a robot – then embarks on a quest to find his missing girlfriend. Yeah, not much going on here. Starring Yotam Ishay as Danny, with Hili Yalon, Tzahi Grad, Dror Keren, Inna Bakelman, Nelly Tagar, David Kigler, Ori Yaniv, and Rob Schneider. As bad as this looks, I can’t help share the trailer as there’s just something quirky and appealing about the way it looks that you must see. Check it out.

Here’s the new official trailer ( old poster) for Goldberg & Zelezniak’s Robot Awakening, from YouTube:

OMG, I'm a Robot Poster

Danny is depressed for eight months because his girlfriend left him without even leaving a note. In great despair he decides to slit his wrists – only to discover that his arm is made of steel and he can shoot laser beams. He’s a robot, and if that isn’t enough, his girlfriend was abducted by a mysterious organization. Accompanied by the CEO of the computer company where he works and a Orthodox observant robot, Danny embarks upon a journey to rescue his pregnant girlfriend. Robot Awakening, formerly known as OMG

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